Golem Dark Prince 3 Spell No Pump Beatdown Deck
DaRealLegend posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Hey folks ! In this guide we will be discussing a Golem beatdown deck that consists of 3 spells and has the meta dark prince. This deck has many counters to hog/bridge spam decks and also can counter the decks consisting of x-bows & inferno towers.

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The Golem as usual is your PRIMARY tank and you will lead a push with the mega minion and dark prince.

Dark Prince

The dark prince paired with the mega minion will provide your first line of support for your Golem. The dark prince also will assist the baby dragon/mega minion when you tornado troops towards your push for massive damage and lane clearing


The tornado will be used to compile all the opponent's counter troops and will allow for your dark prince, and baby dragon to attack with splash damage. The tornado will also be used to activate the king tower when you have troops approaching your tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

In this deck you will be leading with your Golem as much as possible. After you counter your opponent, you will charge with the golem mega minion and dark prince formation. Use the tornado to pull troops for your baby dragon and dark prince to utilize their splash damage and allow the mega minion and guards to defend against everything else. Save your rocket for larger building/elixir collectors for building damage and late game tower damage.

Late Stage Gameplan

In 2x time, your cards will cycle well enough for you to always support the golem and defend. if opponent pushes on the opposite lane, save your counters (guards, baby dragon) and only push with the golem and dark prince. If you know the opponent is playing minion horde, save your baby dragon for that and if they are playing hog, bandit, ebarb, mini pekka and charging troops save your guards. Use your rocket on xbows, elixir collectors, barb huts, and inferno towers that are placed close to archer tower for tower damage as well.

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