clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is a fun deck to play! You want to be able to get at least one mortar shot every time you play this card. You can then defend your mortar with your smaller troops or pull the opponents troops into the other lane and away from your mortar. Once the tower is low enough you can spell cycle to take the victory. Just be careful not to over commit to defending your mortar, save some elixir in case the opponent tries to pull the opposite lane. If your opponent plays their elixir pump or a troop card that costs 4 or more elixir behind their king tower then play rocket to get good value and tower damage. Don’t be afraid of playing defensive mortars especially against best down decks. This is a great all round deck for either ladder or challenges, so go check out my video for more help on how to play this deck featuring the pro Nova I Anaban.

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This card is great at pulling units in to opposite lane and been used to activate your king tower early game.


This is your win condition in this deck even if your mortar only gets one shot every time you drop it then it is worth while. Drop it one tile back from the bridge for optimal placement.

Early Stage Gameplan

Make sure your figure out what your opponent is playing and what their win condition is before you make any huge plays. Once you figure out what they’re playing remember what cards you need to have in hand to counter their push. Early game you don’t want to spend all your elixir on protecting your mortar, as I’ve already said even if you only get one hit it’s a positive trade! Play your mortar and see how your opponent defends this will help you be able to make prediction plays later on in the game.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game make sure you keep up the aggression especially if you’ve taken a tower try to pressure the opposite lane to force your opponent to defend and spend less elixir on their push! Quite often you can end up spell cycling your opponent for the victory, if that’s the case make sure you defend well and make positive elixir trades, this will mean when the opponent punishes you for using a rocket you’ll be able to defend easier. Remeber your deck cycles extremely quickly so if you’ve just played a mortar and the opponent has taken it out, you can play the mortar again as long as you’ve kept track of your opponents hand so you know what counter cards they have in hand.

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