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Graveyard decks are great fun to play! When playing graveyard to need to either play your win condition when the opponents counters are out of hand or when they’re low on elixir. You can do this by cycling quicker than your opponent or baiting out their counters. If the opponent is running posion then this is where you’ll most likely have to cycle back to graveyard before your opponent can get back to posion. The best way to play graveyard is to defend well and then counter push.
Go check out my YouTube video for pro tips on this deck from VULKan and see what the best tile placement is for the graveyard on their tower.

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Graveyard is a great win condition but it takes some patience to play, to need to know what your opponent is playing and then punish them when they make a mistake. You can play graveyard defensively but I would only really recommend doing this is you choose to play for the draw.


Guards are a great defensive cards, they can be used to take out the prince which is pretty common in this current meta. Also they are great at stopping graveyard, they can slow down pekkas, only allow hog riders to get one hit if played correctly.


Bomber is a very unusual card to see in any deck! However if your opponent fails to take him out then pairing him with Tornado can shut down a lot of ground based pushes.

Ice Golem

This card is great especially if you use him as a tank for you graveyard. Also using Tornado and icegolem can shut down minion hordes.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you want to figure out what your opponent is playing Andre to make some positive elixir trades. If you get the opportunity to activate your king tower with your Tornado then take it. If you opponent starts out with a elixir pump then I’d go straight in for a graveyard push, you can play ice golem at the bridge (or another card to act as a tank) you can also play posion if they play collector in the middle to get tower damage and stop the opponent getting a elixir advantage from their pump. Also if they play a heavy tank in the back then push opposite lane to apply pressure. Dont go too aggressive unless you’re punishing your opponent, the smartest way to play this deck is with a good defence and then attacking when the time is right.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you should know what your opponent is playing and you should be able to have a rough idea of his card rotation. Your opponent is going to know what your running now so they’re most likely going to be keeping their counters in hand, you can use double elixir to your advantage and quickly cycle back to graveyard and play it while their counters are out of hand. Another great tip is if you have a tank in front of your bomber and you’re on your opponents side you can use Tornado to pulll their troops close to their tower so the bomber can get free tower damage while also taking out their troops. Good luck with this deck guys it’s great fun to play!

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