clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is the deck that Pompeyo used to finish first place in the world with last season. Pompeyo4 is a great player, maybe even the best one out there! (As you know if you watch my Pro vs Pro videos) The way Pompeyo plays this deck is by using a combination of seven and ten elixir pushes. The seven elixir push is ice golem followed by balloon. The ten elixir push is Ice golem, ballon and the miner when necessary. You can also use zap to help retarget their tower onto your miner or to allow your balloon that extra half a second to get an extra shot on the opponents tower. Your tombstone, mega minion and inferno dragon are you key defensive units in this deck but you’ll also be able to use them on a counter push. Go check out my YouTube video for gameplay from Pompeyo using this deck, it’ll help you understand how to play this style of deck better and you’ll see the decisions that Pompeyo makes in hard matchups.

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Inferno Dragon

This card is your tank killer, it’s grest for melting golems, lava hounds and giants.


This guy is very important in this deck, you can use him to take out elixir pumps, to get chip damage on your opponents towers and also to tank for your balloon when your ice golem dies.


This card is your win condition in this deck. Remeber to try to use the death damage of this card to your advantage so you need to try to get it as close to the opponents tower as possible if you don’t successfully get a shot off in their tower. It can also be great for taking health off their counter push units.


Try to get good value when playing this card, always try to clip the opponents towers while also damaging their cards that they’ve played.

Ice Golem

This icy guy is your main tank for your balloon. However you can also use him to kite the opponents units into the opposite lane and play balloon behind the ice golem to push the opposite lane.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game I’d wait for your opponent to make the first play, remeber to try and figure out what they’re playing and what their win condition is in their deck. If the opponent drops a heavy tank as their first card then play ice golem followed by balloon to push the opposite lane, hover zap over the area of your balloon incase they drop bats or minions. If they play elixir collector first then play ice golem, balloon and then play miner onto their collector. Of course these pushes depend entirely upon your starting hand, you may need to play balloon further back then drop ice golem in front. Pompeo isn’t afraid of holding out for double elixir to play balloon if he knows he’s up against a hard matchup.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you should now know what your opponent is playing and what cards they’re likely going to use to counter your seven or ten elixir pushes. In double elixir you’ll be able to support your pushes better by either playing fireball to take out swarm units or playing your pushing along with the cards you’ve used to defend. You will most likely need to play more aggressive in double elixir, just be carful not to over commit, remeber to stick to the seven or ten elixir pushes.

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