DaRealLegend posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Hey folks ! In this guide we will discuss a Mega Knight Dark Prince Ice Wizard control deck that has an elixir cost of 3.5. This deck includes the amazing tornado mega minion baby dragon combo and also utilizes the ice spirit and knight to counter ground charging units.

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Mega Knight

Preferably used during double elixir time, the mega knight can be used to defend against bridge spam of troops during single elixir time or when you can create a positive elixir trade. The mega knight can also tank for your dark prince and ice wizard combo giving you many counters to charging ground units like dark price, prince, battle ram and bandit, goblin gangs and skarmy. When combining with the tornado, you can create havoc for an opponents push

Ice Wizard

The ice wizard & baby dragon will protect your mega knight against minion hordes and when paired with the mega minion will assist against balloons, lava hounds and inferno dragons

Dark Prince

The dark prince is one of the hottest cards in clash royale and he serves a similar role in this deck. Place behind the mega knight only when you have an ice wizard or baby dragon or mega minion in order to provide you both air and ground support for the mega knight

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early stages of the match control the flow by using all of your counter units and leveraging your knight as the tank for the baby dragon or ice wizard for a small chip damage push. Use the mega minion and dark prince to counter units and your tornado to activate the king tower and the ice spirit against minion hordes, goblin gangs etc. Use the mega knight for situations where you can create an elixir gain or against splash damage troops in a bunch like hunter, wizard, e wiz, executioner, musketeer or 3mm.

Late Stage Gameplan

Now is your opportunity to leverage a push with the mega knight, ice wizard and dark prince and using the tornado to pull troops in to receive massive damage from your pushing troops and the mega minion and baby dragon. This deck has many low cost counter troops and use of the ice spirit to cycle thru cards will provide you even more opportunities to counter your opponent.

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