clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is the deck that Nova Bochum used to finish third place last season! The main aim of this deck is to get your balloon behind your Lava hound to make it harder for your opponent to defend. Lava hound decks aren’t very defensive, your only ground units are guards and tombstone, so you need to play smart and be carful not to over commit. If your opponent is playing prince, lumberjack or elite barbarians then you should always try to keep one of these cards in hand. Some of the trickier matches you might play will be against executioner Tornado, if you’re struggling against these match ups make sure to check out my video to see how the pro player, Nova Bochum, handles this at the top of ladder.

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Lava Hound

This is your heavy tank in this deck, you’ll mainly play her behind your towers to be able to build up enough elixir to form a strong push.


These are a great defensive card, because you don’t have many ground based units in this deck make sure your smart with defence and save this card for bridge spam units.


This card is your win condition and your main source of getting damage on the opponents towers. Most of the time you’ll play it behind your lava hound however there are cases where you might need to split lane push if you know your opponent can’t defend both lanes.

Early Stage Gameplan

At the start your best off waiting for your opponent to make the first move, however if your impatient them tombstone is a good first card to play. Try to figure out what your opponent is playing and what their win condition is. Try to keep track of their card rotation in their hand so you know what cards to need to defend their win condition. Try to make positive elixir trades, and if your know that you’re up on elixir, and you playing against an easy match up (2.6 cycle decks) then you can play the lava hound but make sure you have your defensive cards, tombstone and guards, in cycle. If it’s a tricky match up your best waiting out for double elixir before playng your lava hound.

Late Stage Gameplan

Now you should have a good understanding of your opponents decks and how they choose to play it. Double elixir is the time where you’ll be able to play more aggressive with your lava hound. You play play the hound at the bridge if your opponent have played to aggressively and you have support troops that will stay behind your hound on a counter push.

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