clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

This is a new version of the bridge spam deck. However it isn’t as simple as such spamming troops at the bridge. You need to know what you’re playing against and adjust your play style just like you should do in every single match you play. If you’re up against heavy decks then you’ll rely heavily up on your inferno dragon to take out their tank. You’ll also need to apply pressure in the opposite lane to stop your opponent playing support troops behind their tank. If you’re up against minion horde make sure you have cards like fireball or ice golem zap in hand to be able to shut down the horde. Goodluck with this deck everyone let me know how you guys get on while playing this deck! Also don’t forget to check out my video where I’m reviewing the matches played by Al-Thani.

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Inferno Dragon

This guy is important for handle heavy tanks. Place him wisely don’t give your opponent value by playing him to close to your towers.

Dark Prince

This masked warrior is an extremely versatile card. He can shut down goblin barrels, slow down a charging prince. He’s great on defence but you’ll also want to use him on pressuring your opponents.

Battle Ram

This card will mainly be used to pressure you’re opponent but playing him in he center on the arena can also kite units away from your towers .

Early Stage Gameplan

A good first play if you like to make the first move is playing your dark prince behind your towers however you’ll only want to do this if you have fireball in cycle. As always guys figure out what your opponent is playing and take note of what cards they use to defend your pushes. This will help you predict and bait out certain cards later on in the match. Make sure to switch up how you defend throughout single elixir to make it harder for your opponent to predict your plays.

Late Stage Gameplan

Into double elixir and over time if your opponent hasn’t taken a tower then they will be playing more aggressively down the lane that they have the most tower damage on. So you need to play wisely and pressure the opposite lane while still defending successfully. If the opponent has taken a tower then try split lane pushing to challenge your opponents defensive skills. If you’re winning 1-0 on towers then keep the pressure up on your opponent in the opposite lane however you still need to focus on defence and make sure they don’t take your tower.

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