DaRealLegend posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Hey Folks ! In this guide we will discuss a Giant 3 Musketeer Spell Bait Deck which is has no elixir pump. This deck consists of three cards that can bait the zap spell (bats, spear goblins or goblin gang), 3 cards that can bait out the log ( Goblin gang, spear goblins, or 3 MM) 2 cards that can bait out a fireball or rocket ( 3 MM or goblin hut). If any of those spells are used, you can easily capitalize by playing one of the remaining options available. This deck requires you to really observe your opponents deck hand and carefully count cycle rotation.

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Your Giant will play a similar role as any giant beatdown deck. Ideally, your main push would be the Giant 3MM and any low cost unit in the deck. If a spell is played, use the remaining troops that are countered to stack behind the giant or defend.

Three Musketeers

Play your 3MM once your goblin hut was attacked with a poison, fireball, rocket or lightning. The 3MM should be played by splitting behind the king's tower or at the bridge to be placed behind the giant in its push. The key is to play the 3MM when it's safe and leverage the low cost cycle troops to provide the 3MM support or distract to create an opportunity for a hit on tower

Early Stage Gameplan

This deck will focus on a giant 3mm push and will require for you to play cards in an attempt to bait out spells. By baiting the spells, you will create opportunities for you to capitalize and stack more troops behind your giant and will allow you to either play 3MM or goblin hut.

Late Stage Gameplan

In 2X elixir your giant beatdown deck will quickly become a spawner deck and this is when the deck becomes fun and overwhelming for your opponent. I strongly encourage that you still play the bait game until you can earn your victory.

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