clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

This is a great free to play deck. It’s also one of my favourite decks in the whole game! I prefer to pump up through single elixir and defend and then win the game on a single push. You want to play your golem and then build up a lot of support troops behind your golem to do this successfully. Make sure to check out my video to see me playing these decks in live battles and you can see the decisions I make while running this deck. You have plenty of splash damage in this deck to help take out a lot of pushes.

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This is your heavy tank in this deck, his main goal is the tank for your support units. Remember he has death damage so you don’t need to zap swarm units if they’re in his death radius.

Elixir Collector

Some people could argue this is a win condition, if you play it well, defend it then you’ll build up a huge elixir advantage and take out your opponent in a single golem push.


Tornado is great for defence. You can use it to activate your king tower, pull troops together to allow your support troops to shut down their defensive troops.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game as always guys, you want to figure out what your opponent is playing. Keep playing your elixir collector, make sure you defend them and cycle back to pump and play it again. Prefer to play defensively throughout the first two minuets and building up a huge elixir advantage whenever possible. You can play your golem behind your king tower around the 1:10 mark and when the time hits double elixir then the golem will almost be at the bridge.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir is the time you want to be able to get a huge golem push down and then Tornado any defence troops together to allow your support units to take them out. If you know you’re ahead on elixir then you can play a golem in the pocket to apply extra pressure if you want to go for that three crown win!

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