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Level one accounts are great fun to play, they require a different mentality of game play and a lot of patience. Basically you start out as a level one and you never upgrade a card which means your Kings Tower level stays level! If you love an extra challenge in the game then this is great fun! Obviously you can’t really rely on your princess towers to help you with your defence if your playing a level one account so you need to defend extremely efficiently and make sure you don’t take any damage on to your towers because they’re so fragile! The deck above is obviously a very Legendary heavy deck, so I’ve shown the card replacements below! The best way to play any level one account is to play it repeatedly so you learn all the micro and macro card interactions! Follow @NovaLvl1 on Twitter ! Go check out my video to see GaMe_OvEr*Tr reaching the new world record of 4000 trophies using only level one cards!

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Princess is extremely important I would say she is the MVP of the deck! Try to protect her where possible to get the most value out of her but don’t take damage on your tower while you’re protecting her.

Inferno Dragon

This card and sparky are your key cards for taking down heavy units. Sparky can also take out ground based swarm units.

Early Stage Gameplan

Throughout the entire match it’s important to defend successful without taking any damage on your towers. Learn what your opponent is playing as quick as you can! You always want to let your opponent make the first play the key to winning definitely isn’t been the offensive player! Don’t make any large pushes in single elixir just let your troops get small chip damage where possible but don’t support them until double elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

Playing a level one account relies heavily on your getting one huge counter push during in double elixir! You need to know what your opponent is playing and what their card rotation is before you decide to go in for this monster push! Always wait for double elixir for this push otherwise you’ll leave yourself at a large elixir deficit and you’ll lose the game.

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