Classic 3 Musketeers
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

This is the second part of the guide I uploaded a couple of days ago where I spoke about the big advantages of playing the elixir collector, but this time it’s about a different deck. The tip that Clyde gave me around eighteen months ago taking about the collector really changed my game play for the better. He said that you play defensively and keep playing elixir collector until you’ve built up a huge elixir advantage and then no matter how high your opponents cards levels are they won’t be able to stop your push. With this deck in particular you have plenty of defensive cards. If the opponent is running posion then try to bait that out before playing your three musketeers. Go check out my video in the link below to see how I play this deck and how I use the collector to my advantage.

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Miner is a great card! You can use him to get chip damage, tank for your battle ram, musketeers or minions. You can also use him on the opponents elixir collector if they’re running it to stop them gaining a large elixir lead.

Three Musketeers

I would also use these for a split lane push unless you know your opponent isn’t running a counter or their counter is out of hand. Their a great card to apply pressure to your opponent but I would keep cycling pump first and build up a big elixir advantage before playing these! Maybe even wait to double elixir if necessary.

Elixir Collector

This card is a low key win condition! I love it! If you keep playing them and your opponent doesn’t deal with them then you build up a huge elixir advantage. If they keep counting them with poison, rocket or lightening then they’re using their counter for your three musketeers!

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game try to figure out what your opponent is playing, what their win condition is and what cards they have to counter your pushes. For the first two minuets I recommend playing defensively and keep playing elixir collector when possible. If they’re running miner then try to predict their placements if they play it against your collector to stop the miner damaging your pump. If the opponent makes a mistake then make sure you punish them, you can play battle ram or use the miner to tank for the troops you played on defence.

Late Stage Gameplan

Now you should either have built up a huge elixir lead for all your collectors or your opponent keeps using their three musketeers counter on your pump which will allow you to push successfully. Keep track of their cards if they’re running double spell and they play them within two cards of each other then it’s time to punish your opponent! Remember to apply split lane pushes with your three musketeers to make it harder for your opponent to defend. Don’t use collector in double elixir unless you’re sure the game is going into over time and definitely don’t play it if there is under 55 seconds left in the game otherwise you won’t get back the elixir you’ve invested! Goodluck while running these decks guys! Make sure you checkout the video to see the pro tip from Clyde that changed my Clash Royale game play forever!

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