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This is an unusual deck because it’s running three spells but it all works together extremely well. The main aim of running a bait deck is to bait out your opponents log, zap or arrows and using either princess, goblin gang or princess and then punish them using the other two cards. If the opponent is running elixir collector you always want to rocket it. Try to use Tornado on three musketeers to pull them into the same lane and then use your princess, log or dark prince to counter them. If your opponent places a golem behind their tower then pressure the opposite lane to stop them been able to play support troops behind their golem. You could then use Tornado on the golem to active your king tower but be carful of any supporting units, even a single bat could deal hundreds of damage. Try to get rocket value where possible on the opponents tower either by hitting their troops or when you know you’re ahead in elixir. Go check out my video where an amazing pro, Trainer Guard, shows us replays in a 12 win Grand Challenge!

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Princess will be one of your key defensive cards, try to protect her to keep her alive. Also pairing her with Tornado can work extremely well against a lot of the opponents pushes.


Try to use this card to active your king tower early on in the game. This card can be paired with dark prince, princess, ice spirit or log to pull the opponents troops together or closer to their tower so you can get damage value.

Goblin Barrel

If you successfully bait out the opponents counter to this card and you can get this card to the tower with a tank then you’re going to deal a lot of damage. This card along with the occasional rocket will be your main source of damage.

Early Stage Gameplan

As I always say you want to figure out what your opponent is playing. This this help you know what counters they have to your deck and what counters you have to theirs! Try to make positive elixir trades throughout a good first play is goblin barrel on the bottom outside corner of the opponents tower. Another good play is princess behind your towers, you don’t really want to play princess at the bridge unless their tower only has a few hundred HP. Keep the pressure up with this deck throughout the whole game, all these decks in your deck need to be answered if you play them, so keep track of your opponents cards, bait out their counters and then punish them to get damage on their towers.

Late Stage Gameplan

With this style deck the palsy style isn’t necessarily to different from single elixir. The main difference will be how you defend because the chances are it’ll be the time your opponent goes in for a big push. Also if you need to start cycling rockets now is the time just make sure that you’re making positive elixir trades on defence so you don’t get punished for spending six elixir on the rocket. If the opponent running golem keep up the pressure in the opposite lane to their push and try to take their tower but don’t forget to defend! Goodluck with this deck everyone check out my video for more pro tips on running this deck!

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