clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

This is a timeless deck it’s great fun to play and if you’re tired of changing decks every meta then this deck is for you! It’s an extremely fast hog cycle deck, you have great defensive capabilities with this deck from kiting troops with your ice golem, applying pressure opposite lane or using your canon to pull cards away from your towers while dealing damage. If your up against Lava Loon then cycling musketeers will be key to the victory while also pressuring the opposite lane. Canon can be use to pull cards like giant, golem and loom to allow you extra time to shut down their push. Go check out my video where Hazard is pushing live on ladder and we talk about the decisions he makes while pushing high on ladder with this deck.

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Ice Golem

This guy is great and extremely versatile, he is primarily a tank tank but you can use him to slow down minion hordes or to tank for your hog in a push.

Hog Rider

This guy is your win condition, play him wisely you don’t want to just spam him at the bridge. You need to know when to play him to get the most value possible.


This is your big spell in this deck. Try to always get chip damage when possible on the opponents towers with this card. You can use it for a trade on elixir collector but be careful that they’re not running cards that you’ll potentially need to use fireball on like three musketeers or minions.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you want to figure out what your opponent is playing and try to keep track of their cycle. A good first play is cycling ice spirit at the bridge it’s unlikely to get countered and will get small chip damage on their tower. If they play collector you can punish them with your hog rider to get chip damage. Just be carful not to over commit during single elixir because if your opponent counter pushes and takes a tower you’ll find it hard to break through their defence.

Late Stage Gameplan

Now it’s time to play a bit more aggressive with your hog, try to get fireball chip damage where possible and don’t be afraid of resorting to cycling fireballs towards to end of the match if you know you can defend while cycling fireballs. Try to okay your hog when’s you know your opponent is low in elixir or their counters are out of hand. This deck will cycle extremely quickly in double elixir so the chances are you’ll be able to out cycle your opponent. Goodluck while running this deck guys let me know how you get on and don’t forget to check out Hazard!

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