clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is a new style splash yard deck with the OP but under used Giant Skeleton! Giant Skeleton is great against Xbow decks and is also great at shutting down three musketeers! You’re win condition in his deck is graveyard so you need to defend and then counter push! If your opponent is running posion try to bait it out before playing your graveyard. Ice golem can be used to kite troops across the lanes. If your playing a mirror match then keep your posion for their graveyard and if they play their poison aggressively then punish then it’s graveyard. Go check out my video for a play by play guide and see how the pro decides to play this deck in a grand challenge!

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This card is your win condition make sure you check out my video to see the best placement for his card on the opponents tower.

Baby Dragon

Baby dragon is great card! If your opponent play collector in the middle then if you play baby dragon at the river he will fly towards the collector and get damage unless he’s countered.

Giant Skeleton

You can use this card to block lanes and such down a lot of the opponents push’s. You can pair his death damage with Tornado to pull fast moving troops back into th bomb damage radius. He’s also great card to pressure with before if he dies near a tower then you’ll be getting more damage than a rocket does so play him well and try to punish your opponent.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game I prefer to wait for your opponent to make the first move. If they play elixir collector and you have graveyard in hand it’s a good time to go in aggressive and try to take a tower early on! If their opening play is golem or lava hound behind the tower then pressure the opposite lane to stop them been able to build up a large push. Just be careful not to over commit in single elixir because it’s easy for your opponent to defend without you spending all your elixir. So if you pressure make sure you know your up on elixir and their counter are out of hand. If you get the opportunity to activate your king tower with your Tornado early game then take it beavers it’ll help you defend throughout he rest of the game!

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game it’s now easier to be able to play more cards to support your graveyard pushes. Remeber to still defend well and then use your counter push to punish the opponent unless you decide to pressure the opposite lane! Sometimes it’s ok to wait for double elixir before you chose to play your graveyard. If you want to just defend efficiently and learn what’s your opponent is playing through single elixir and then surprise then with the graveyard in double elixir then that can be a good play and sometimes you can catch them off guard and take their tower.

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