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This a new style miner posion, it has great versatility for the majority of decks in this current meta and it’s great fun to play. You have a lot of cards in this deck to stop the princes charges including bandit, ewiz, ice spirit and log. Ice golem is also great at kiting the princes and cards like pekka to the other lane to buy yourself more time. With log your going to find it easy against log bait decks also if you time your ewiz placement correctly then you can damage all the goblins in side the barrel as it lands in your tower. SirTag who came on my channel with this deck said it’s an extremely solid deck and is very forgiving if you tend to make some mistakes throughout matches. Your main aim is to get miner chip damage while defend efficiently throughout the game. Make sure you switch up your miner placements inorder to make it harder for the opponent to predict where your going to place him. I don’t recommend dropping miner posio, especially in single elixir, unless your opponent gives you value by playing units near your miner or they have a tombstone nearby. Don’t over commit on a push use all the cards in your deck to defend and keep cycling those miners on the opponents towers. Goodluck with this deck and check out my video to see gameplay from the real SirTag and watch him assert some dominance in a grand challenge with this deck.

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Bandit is a great card she can stop the princes charge without sustaining damage if your play her correctly.


This guy is your main win condition. When you first play him make sure you play him on the out side bottom corner of their towers incase they’re running Tornado. Once you’re sure they’re not running Tornado then mix up the placement to make it harder the them to predict.


This is your key defence in this deck, be carful with your placements because it has slightly different troop interactions for pulling units. You want to play this card to pull their tanks and then play other units to kill the supporting troops while the Tesla kills the tank. It also great at pulling balloon and allowing you to defend them big air pushes.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game try to find out what your opponent is playing. This will help you know what to play throughout the game and what cards you need to hold onto until they play their win condition. Defend well and make positive elixir trades, also try to get chip damage with your log and posion where you can, try to get value with your spells by taking out enemy units at the same time. Don’t over commit this deck cycles quickly you you need to make sure you have enough elixir to defend because if the opponent takes your tower then they’re going to defend for the rest of the game and you’ll struggle to take their tower.

Late Stage Gameplan

Going into double elixir you should now know what your opponent is running. Keep cycling those miners, just play them wisely when you know their miner counters are out of hand. You’ll be more likely to be able to pair the miner with he posion now if you know your opponent is going to play a swarm unit to counter the miner. If you’ve acquired a fair bit of damage throughout single exile and their towers HP is around 1000 then you can start posion cycle on their tower if you’re struggling to get miner chip damage. Goodluck with this deck everyone! Let me know how you guys get on!

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