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Due to the latest balance changes in Clash Royale I’m predicting this deck will be appearing in the meta so why not check out this guide and my video to get ahead of the game! Although dark prince was nerfed he is still going to be fairly strong due to the fact the prince wasn’t nerfed and the dark prince has a shield that can’t stop the prince. Your main aim is obviously bridge spam! But make sure you have a good understanding of your opponents counters and whether or not they have them in hand and also try to track their elixir as well as you can! Your main defensive cards are ice golem, which can be used to kite troops, inferno dragon to kill tanks and magic archer to tank out supporting troops!

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Inferno Dragon

This hot headed dragon is your main tank killer, if your opponent is running pekka you can pair this card with ice golem to destroy the pekka and slow down the support troops. If you get this guy locked into their tower and hover zap around him incase they play bats or minions to give it that extra half a second to get tower damage.


She’s great! One of the best cards currently in Clash Royale! She can counter a princes charge without taking damage her self if you play her correctly. She’s great to play at the bridge to apply pressure and if you get a charge on their time their tower then your definitely in control of the match!

Magic Archer

Now the bug has been fixed where he doesn’t hit units that spawn from buildings I’m thinking he will be pretty strong. He is however a high skill cap card so practise with him, placement with this card is key to get the most value. Try to get tower chip damage but remember he is fairly fragile so don’t play him to close to your tower where you opponent can get spell value!

Battle Ram

This card is probably the most important in this deck especially now lightning is back in the meta! Remeber this card will counter lighting so if it’s close to the end of the game and your tower HP is low play this card next to your tower to try and counter the lightning damage. Also same as the bandit this card is great to play at the bridge to apply pressure o your opponent.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game guys you want to try and figure out what your opponent is playing and what counters they have to your cards. If you start off with an elixir collector or a heavy tank then pressure your opponent with battle ram and bandit if you have them in hand. Remeber it’s worth while fireballing an elixir collector it be aware your opponent make have cards which require your fireball like minion horde or three musketeers. You can counter minion horde with ice golem and if they support them magic archer can be used to take them out too. This deck is about punishing your opponent and applying pressure so you can break through their defence to get tower damage. You don’t want to be able to give your opponent time to react with this style of deck so keep up the pressure and don’t them build up a large push but at the same time don’t over commit on an offensive push because you’ll struggle to defend. The best way is to defend lightly and then apply pressure at the bridge.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should now know what your opponent is running, there’s a chance that they have played their win condition if they’re running heavy decks or graveyard. This deck will also cycle fairly quickly in double elixir so if your struggled to break through their defence in single elixir you stand a better chance now! Try to get value with your fireball if they play troops to close to their towers. Ice golem can be played in front of battle ram to increase the odds of helping the ram connect to the tower! As with every match it’s about understanding what cards you need for defence and what cards can be played on offence, practise with this deck it’s great fun for ladder or challenges! And remeber to make positive elixir trades :D
Goodluck with this deck guys hope your loving clan wars!

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