clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck has become extremely strong since the last balance update! Your win condition is the hog try to always get at least one swing on their tower when you play him! You have two mini tanks in this deck, mini pekka and ice golem. Both are great if you use them in defence but can also help your hog rider on the offensive push. Ice golem can be used to kite troops into the opposite lane or you can pair ice golem and ice spirit to take down minion hordes. I wouldn’t send in a naked hog because he’s to easy to defend so pair him with an ice spirit or log early game and later game you’ll be able to build up bigger pushes or even cycle back to a second hog rider! Just becarful not to over commit especially in single elixir. Remember to check out my video to see different styles of hog decks and to see game play from the pro Swood!

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Princes is a great card! I would rarely play her at the bridge unless the match is almost over and you need to get chip best used behind your tower for defence.


Lightening is a strong card! Remember if they play elixir collector lightening and shut down the pump completely and stop the opponent getting an elixir advantage.

Mini P.E.K.K.A

Mini pekka can be used to completely stop a hog if you play her quick enough! She’s also great at taking down heavier tanks like giant and golems. If you pair her with ice golem she take pretty much take down a fully grown pekka!

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game as always guys try to figure out what your opponent is playing and what cards they have to counter your hog. A great first play is princes behind the towers or if you don’t have her in hand you can cycle the ice spirit. You can play hog rider first if you have the cards like mini pekka, ice spirit or ice golem in cycle ready to defend the counter push. Try to always get good value with your lightening if you know your up one or two elixir then it’s worth lightening a four or five elixir card if you also get tower damage! Just be aware incase they have three musketeers because you might need your lightening to defend that push!

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you should be fairly confident what your opponent is playing. Your deck cycles fairly quickly so since it’s now double elixir don’t be afraid of play your hog behind the ice golem and then using a prediction log if you know your opponent is likely to play a swarm unit. Try to keep your princes’ alive too it’ll help greatly on defence and make it harder for your opponent to shut down your hog pushes! If their tower is under 1000hp you can spell cycle just play smart on defence and try to use the lightening radius to your advantage to get good value. Goodluck with this deck everyone let me know you get on! Lightening is great fun to play and can help you get a good elixir lead if you play it correctly!

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