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Any deck with giant skeleton is extremely fun to play! You have a lot of swarm units in this deck which you opponents will need to answer so the aim is to bait out their counter with one card and then punish with the others. Giant Skelton is great on defence because his death bomb kills the majority of the opponents troops. Xbow is an easy match up with this deck some of the more tricky match ups are three musketeers, but you have the miner to attack their pump if they’re running it to help deny them gaining an elixir lead. You can easily use this deck to pressure both lanes which some opponents find it tricky to defend both lanes. You don’t have a lot of direct damage so it’s all about collecting chip damage throughout up the whole game. You an sometimes take a tower in one push if you catch your opponent off guard and without their counters in hand.

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He will be fairly important in this deck especially for dealing with the opponents elixir pumps. He is great at getting extra chip damage on the opponents towers or you can use him to tank for your smaller units in the deck. Also you can use zap to retarget their tower onto the miner to allow the giant skeleton to get closer to their tower to get his death damage.

Giant Skeleton

Remember he has extremely high death damage, if you use him offensively then his death damage can basically shut down any chance they have of a counter push. He is your main tank for defence in this deck so play him wisely.

Dart Goblin

Since the last balance changes this little guy is pretty strong! He’s fast and can easily catch your opponent off guard.

Skeleton Barrel

If you play this card your opponent will usually have to hold onto their zap or log until it pops so you can pair it with spear goblins to get extra chip damage and force your opponent to react earlier than they wanted too. Also don’t forget this card has death damage so if they play minion horde the death damage will take their HP low enough so zap can kill them or a dart goblin can easily take them down.

Early Stage Gameplan

As always you want to try and figure out what deck you opponent is playing as quick as you can. Try to make positive elixir trades throughout single elixir and be carful not to over commit on a push. During the first two minuets because where you play the giant skeleton, he is you main heavy tank for defence so don’t play him behind your towers unless you know you’re ahead on elixir. Keep the pressure on your opponent you don’t want them to be able to build up a huge push. Just be careful not to lace your self without a good answer for defence.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can now play more aggressive. You have lots of options for pr souring your opponent with this deck it’s all about knowing and understanding their cards. If uglier struggling to break through their defence then double elixir is a good time to try split lane push. You can send giant skeleton one side with skeleton barrel and then miner goblin gang in the opposite lane. Goodluck while running this deck guys it’s great fun to play!

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