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Hey everyone! Bridge spam is an extremely strong deck and also great fun to play! What’s unusual is that this deck has zappies which is currently one of the most underrated card in this current meta! This deck is also very strong defensively it has inferno dragon for tanks, ice golem for kiting, zappies and bandit both deal with princes very well! Although this deck is commonly known as bridge spam it’s better to think of it as a punish deck. You’re best bet is making positive elixir trades and punishing your opponent when they make a mistake by playing their counter or if they’ve recently over committed. Go check out my video to see live ladder game from the top 20 in the world from TNT.

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Inferno Dragon

This card is you tank killer is you think you can get him locked onto a tower and his health his high enough it’s eorth supporting the inferno dragon and hovering a spell around the area to counter what the opponent plays.


Bandit is great at applying pressure to you opponent at the bridge. She’s also great at stopping princes. Remember she can charge over the river if the opponents troops are played close enough to the river.

Battle Ram

This card is probably your main win condition. Your main aim is to sneak this card through on an offensive push and getting tower damage.


Fireball is your heavy spell in this deck, you have other options to help kill minion hordes so don’t always rely on your fireball. If you fireball a pump then your going to be making a positive elixir trade. So play this card wisely and always try to get tower damage value while also killing or injuring other cards.

Early Stage Gameplan

You can get awkward hands with this deck but I recommend holding onto your icegolem until you know what your opponent is running! Because you can always use ice golem and zap to kill a minion horde. Zappies work great at handling the opponents cards if they’re also running a bridge spam archetype. You can start if you want to make the first play but splitting zappies in the back but other than that I prefer to wait for your opponent to make the first move. Early game is all about figuring out what your opponent is playing and then finding a way to break through their defence by forcing them to play cards they don’t want to and then punishing them. Try to always have the troops battle on your side of the arena that way you have your princess tower in defence too and you’re more likely to have a counter push.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game with this style deck is pretty similar to the early game besides you can now push a little heavier or even split lane push if you’re up on elixir. Try to make some prediction plays if you feel confident your opponent is going to play the same card they have already on defence. If you don’t think you can break through their defence and you don’t want to lose remember this deck is extremely defensive so if you prefer to draw you could easily manage that.
Goodluck running this deck guys let me know how you all get on!

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