Graveyard Freeze
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

If you like off meta decks then this one is for you! With graveyard you need to bait out the opponents posion if they’re running and since you have minion horde and goblin gang you should find that fairly easy. It forces your opponent to choose between taking damage from the horde or the gang. If they’re running other graveyard counters like Valkyrie or guards then you have the freeze to surprise your opponent. That is what this deck is all about is trying to catch your opponent off guard while they’re low on elixir with the freeze to really punish them. If they’re running lower HP cards like archers, minions or goblins then you could fireball if you want to save your freeze. Try to take a tower in the first two minuets then you can play more defensively.

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This card is your main win condition, check you he video to see the most optimal placement of this card on the opponents tower.


Remeber this guy is extremely fast and he is often better than the giant for rushing the opponents tower if you pair him with graveyard.


You pretty much have one shot with this card to surprise your opponent. You can also play this card defensively if required, it’s extremely effective the opponent has a large push you can freeze it all then use the speed of the lumber jack to take out their support troops. You can also play a naked graveyard and then play freeze because it acts as a tank.


This guy is a fairly heavy tank, I wouldn’t play him as a first option with your graveyard because that would be a ten elixir push. However you can use him to kite troops from the opposite lane then you can go offensive with the graveyard and you’ll also have saved up a few more elixir!

Early Stage Gameplan

As with all graveyard decks it’s very situational, if the opponent uses elixir collector as their first card I like to rush the lane they’ve played the collector in to get damage on their collector and also taking their tower because they’ll be low on elixir. If they play golem or lava hound I like to try and rush the opposite lane to take advantage of them been low on elixir but also to stop them building up a large push behind their tanks. If they’re running lava hound be sure not to play your air counters in the opposite lane because the chances are they’ll have a balloon soon enough behind their hound. If you find your self with four spells in hand you can always cycle your zap on their tower, if they pump up and you have four spells you can use the fireball onto their collector but make sure you get tower damage at the same time! Don’t worry about taking a little damage onto your tower. With graveyard you want to try and take a tower in the first two minutes which can be easy to do especially with the freeze.

Late Stage Gameplan

Going into double elixir you should now have a good understanding of your opponents cards and a rough idea of what their card cycle is! If you haven’t played freeze yet then now is a good time to catch them off guard. However if you haven’t taken a tower yet your going to find it harder in double elixir. In double elixir if you’ve taken a tower you need to defend well then apply pressure to distract your opponent from playing offensively. Goodluck running this deck once you get the hang of it I find it extremely fun to play! Check out my video for great tips on how to play this deck from Nicole who is a sandstorm female pro!

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