Great Graveyard Deck
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

In my video lolorob is pushing for the number one spot on ladder with this amazing off meta deck. Bowler, Valkyrie and freeze aren’t used very much on ladder so it’s extremely unusual to see these cards! You have a lot of defensive cards in this deck, inferno tower is great at stopping heavy tanks and then you can use the splash damage from your bowler or Valkyrie to take out their support troops. Don’t be affairs of playing a defensive freeze with this deck it works extremely well with bowler.

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This is your win condition in this deck, check out my video to see the most optimal placement for his card on the opponents towers! You can use the graveyard naked on the opponents towers if you are going to pair it with freeze.


This card is great at catching your opponent off guard whether you play it offensive or defensively. Try to freeze the unit your opponents play to defend the graveyard on the offensive pushes. If there’s a pump on the field in the radius of the tower your attacking then try to play freeze to to deny elixir if the opportunity presents itself.


Bowler is a great card he is very slow but he pushes smaller units back. If your opponent plays goblin hut or tombstone I need the same lane as your bowler then it slows him down even more allowing you to save up elixir to go on a bigger push.

Inferno Tower

Play this card four tiles from the river to ensure the ewiz doesn’t lock on to.

Early Stage Gameplan

You want to try and figure out what your opponent is running as quickly as possible. It’s important to try and keep track of your opponents card so you can make more accurate prediction plays, for example using arrows to kill swarm units or playing freeze to temporarily stop archers, guards, Valkyrie, baby dragon or executioner. If your opponent starts start off with elixir collector then push the lane they’ve played it, your best first move in this case would be Valkyrie at the bridge and then graveyard, hover your arrows over the area incase they play any swarm units. If they play a tank then you can push the opposite lane to stop them building up a large push.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you should have a good understanding of your opponents deck and their card rotation. If you haven’t played freeze yet then try to build up a large push play graveyard and then get ready to drop freeze incase they play a defensive card. It’s important to keep the pressure up with this deck especially against lava hound players, try to push to opposite lane but hold onto not your air counters. Goodluck with this deck remeber practise makes perfect! It’s extremely fun to play once you get the hang of it.

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