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clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck was popularised towards the end of the last meta however since the update this deck has become even stronger. It’s great against beat down, bridge spam, hog and pretty much all the other decks in this meta. I’d say it’s only weakness is xbow. The aim of this deck is to bait out their log, arrows or fireball and then punish them with other cards in your deck mainly the goblin barrel. If they have a few different counters to this you can use this deck as a miner chip deck to slowly take down their tower. It’s important to keep your troops spaced out in this deck you don’t want your opponent to be able to kill your princess, minions and goblin gang with one fireball. Go check out my video to see the decisions Nova Dergha makes while playing this deck. Watching pros and taking note of what cards they play when is a great way to improve your own game play!

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This guy is your main tank in this deck. Use him against elixir collectors or to get chip damage on their tower. You can also use him to tank for your lower HP units to allow them to get to their tower.

Inferno Tower

This is your main tank killer, it’s also great at pulling a hog and distracting it from your tower.

Goblin Barrel

Your best to use this card to punish your opponent if they play their counter. You can also use this paired with miner to apply pressure to the opposite lane if your opponent plays a tank. It’s also capable of taking down an elixir collector if your miner isn’t in hand but I’d only play this card onto the collector if they pump up behind their princess towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

As with every game it’s important you try and figure out what your opponent is playing and what counters they have to yours. A good first play is the princess behind your princess towers she’s a great defensive card and has long range if your opponent decides to start a push. If the opponent starts by playing a troop card behind their tower you could apply some pressure to the opposite lane with your miner or goblin gang.

Late Stage Gameplan

You should have some damage on your opponents tower by now but if you’re struggling to break through you could opt to split lane push with the cards you have in this deck. Make sure you’re careful not to over commit this deck is often about acquiring small chip damage throughout the whole match unless your opponent makes a mistake and you can take advantage of that and destroy a tower. Even in double elixir you need to remain fairly aggressive but stay cautious to leave your self enough elixir to defend! Goodluck running this deck it’s also a great deck to improve your understanding of card interactions and help you become better at the game!

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