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In this deck we have princess, tombstone and guards which are all great at dealing with log bait decks. It’s also extremely strong against bridge and golem decks. Ice golem is great for kiting units while you can use your mega minion to help shut down pushes. The one weakness is unfortunately graveyard so if your up against a graveyard player then apply pressure in the opposite lane with ice golem and hog. Also aim to take down their tank. A princess behind the kings tower can also kill the skeletons with ease. Tombstone and guards are extremely powerful once this meta especially with the prince still been in the meta. A common mistake people make with hog decks is the think they can just play the hog and get the win however the best thing to do is to defend and then go offensive. Make sure to check out my video where we play some live matches with SirTag who’s playing this deck and revealing some of the best tips and tricks for this deck!

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She is a great defensive card try to get the most value out of her as possible and I wouldn’t play her attention he bridge unless you’re trying to get their tower down to fireball range in the last 30 seconds.

Hog Rider

This guy is your win condition in this deck. The deployment position of his card often depends on what your opponent is running, if they’re playing golem you want to play him in the middle of the bridge because he will reach the tower quicker. Although if your opponent is running Tesla or a another building that could pull the hog then play him on the edge of the arena. He’s best been paired up behind your ice golem who will soak up some damage for the hog.

Ice Golem

You can use this card defensively or offensively. His best use in this deck is for kiting units away from your tower or using him as a meat shield for your hog rider.


If you’re up against golem decks or other heavy tank decks you can use this card to distract their tanks and the skeletons will help shut them down. In the later game you can cycle quickly and play two tombstones to distract their tanks for even longer.

Early Stage Gameplan

Don’t rush in with the hog rider as a first move because it can leave you at a deficit and out you at a big disadvantage for the rest of the match. Remeber to take a mental note of what your opponent is playing and try to keep a rough idea of their card rotation. This will help you play more efficiently during the later game. You have a lot of counters to many decks in this meta. If the opponent starts with a tank in the back then apply some pressure in the opposite lane with your ice golem and hog rider. Keep tombstone, guards and mega minion for defence.

Late Stage Gameplan

During later game you can start to make prediction plays if you know your opponent is going to play a certain card which you can counter with fireball or log. I only recommend doing this though if you know you’re at an elixir advantage or you can win the game by landing that perfect prediction. Remeber to defend well and then go offensive with the hog, even in double elixir I don’t recommend playing hog and then defending unless your chose to switch lanes. Goodluck with this deck guys make your you let me know how you get on while running this deck!

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