Best Golem Deck
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

In my video I cover the top 5 decks for the trophy range of 4000-5000. These decks are based on win percentages and how they counter the current meta in the trophy range. On today’s guide I’m going to focus on the Golem deck that I played live with on my video. So with the golem deck don’t be afraid of taking some tower damage just defend lightly and keep pumping up and gaining a huge elixir lead. Once you’ve acquired this play golem in the back and build up support troops behind and try to three crown your opponent. I also strongly recommend if you have some troops in the field don’t hesitate on playing a golem and keeping up that pressure especially if you know you’re in a good position with pumps on the field and your at an elixir advantage.

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This card is your win condition in this deck. I wouldn’t play him straight off the bat at the start of the game. With this deck it’s all about biding your time building up an elixir lead and then destroying your opponent in one push. Also if you’re against a deck with pekka then you can play golem in the middle to kite the pekka and then play prince or mega minion to kill the pekka, this is a good way to turn a defence into a strong offensive push.


This card is still great even after it’s nerf in the last balance changes. It can still be used to activate your king tower against goblin barrels and hog riders which I recommend doing if you get the chance. It’s also great to use with baby dragon and dark prince to help take out the troops your opponent has played especially if your in the middle of a golem push.

Elixir Collector

With this card for the first two minuets you need to pump up as much as possible and try to defend your pumps. If your opponent doesn’t have miner then they’re more likely to use a spell to damage the pump so play cards well spaced out to deny your opponent any extra value. Even if your opponent is running rocket or lightening which can take out this card then don’t worry because they won’t be able to use that spell defensively against your monster pushes. With the collector I see a lot of people leaking elixir, keep your eye on how it fills up if your getting close to 10 elxir and the pump is almost full play a card or you’ll be wasting elxir giving your opponent an advantage.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should try and keep playing elixir collectors, protecting them and defending fairly lightly to help build up a good elixir advantage. I wouldn’t start out with golem as your first card, the best first move is elixir collector in between your princess towers. If your opponent try’s to punish you with hog, graveyard or a bridge spam archetype then you have plenty of cards to defend but don’t over commit on defence! If you know your opponent has spent too much elixir at the start of the game, like in my video, then punish them and try to end the game early with a three crown. The beauty of this deck is you’ll successfully get more three crowns (which makes your player profile look good) as long as you play it correctly and build up a good elixir lead before playing your golem.

Late Stage Gameplan

If you haven’t found a good opportunity to play your golem during in single elixir and you’ve been pumping up and defending efficiently then play your golem in the back around the 1:10 mark and by the time your golem reaches the bridge double elixir will have started. You can then play support cards especially your splash damage cards and pairing them with Tornado and quickly shut down the opponents defence allowing your golem to take the tower. I often like to play a second golem in the pocket to keep that pressure on the opponent especially because it’s likely they will have rushed your tower and either taken it or gotten a lot of damage off. So playing that second golem in the pocket will increase the chances of getting extra tower damage or even taking the second tower. Goodluck with this deck everyone make sure to check out my video to see other great decks for this trophy range!

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