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clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck finished first place last season! If you want to become a better golem player then read this guide and check out my video where we cover six replays from Clayton using this deck towards the end of the last season. As you can see in the video you shouldn’t be afraid of supporting a golem push no matter how early or late in the game. Once you get you golem down and a few support troops the push is extremely hard for your opponent to stop with giving you a huge elxir lead. Also with golem decks it’s ok to take damage on your towers or even lose a tower early on in the match. If the opponent uses a spell on your collector then most of the time your next play will be the golem. If your opponent is running a direct counter to your collector like rocket or lightening then don’t be afraid to play it when there is under 51 seconds left of double elixir because it’ll force your opponent to chose between giving you the elixir lead or taking out your support troops.

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This card is one for you key defensive cards for goblin barrels, bridge spam or hog riders. He often survives the defence then runs forward and rages up your push applying extra pressure to your opponent.


This card if you haven’t figured it out is your win condition in this deck. You should almost always support a golem push and force your opponent to spend elxir on defence rather than offensence.

Night Witch

One of these behind your golem could end the game if your opponent doesn’t spend elxir on defence. Remember she is fairly fragile so space out your support troops to make it harder for your opponent to kill them with splash damage.


Try to use this card to activate your king tower and use it defensively for your pump. It’s also great at pulling all your opponents cards together so the golem death damage or baby dragon splash can kill the enemy units.

Early Stage Gameplan

Your best first move is playing the elixir collector in front of your king tower. Be ready for your opponent to rush your tower, if they do this try to protect your pump and use Tornado to pull hog of miner away from the collector if they play it. Rmebee to try and figure out what deck your opponent is running and try to keep track of your opponents cards cycle this will help you know what support troops to play behind your golem and help you make prediction plays with your arrows during the later stage of the match!

Late Stage Gameplan

With the play style that Clayton uses while running this deck the early game and late game aren’t too different. He supports his golems just as much in single elxir as in double elxir! You still want to defend as lightly as possible and then go all out and support your golem pushes. Even if you’ve taken a tower during single elxir then make sure you keep up the pressure and still play your golem otherwise your opponent will eventually break through your defence. Whereas if you play golem you make your opponent chose between defence and offensive. More often than not they’ll rush the opposite tower but then you’ll be able to take a second tower. Goodluck running this deck make sure you check out my video to see the play style and decision making that Clayton has!

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