clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Hey everyone in my video I’m on voice with Morten so make sure to check out my video to get extra hints and tips on running this deck. You have two win conditions in this deck miner posion, or pekka. You choose which one to depending on what your opponent is running. Dart goblin is still fairly underused but I think it works extremely well in this deck, he’s a great bait card and he moves extremely fast and often applies more pressure to you opponent than a princess especially if you play a miner onto an elixir collector and then the dart goblin at the bridge. You have a certain bait element to this deck especially zap bait, if you bait out their zap you can easily punish your opponent by pairing the other bait cards with your miner. You can also play a split lane push fairly easily later on in the game with this deck if your struggling to break through the opponents defence. This deck is also very strong against bait decks and bridge spam decks.

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She can stop charging princes without taking damage if you play her correctly. If you chose to split lane push you can use her in the opposite lane as a small tank for your swarm units.


So as I said before miner is one of your win conditions in this deck. You can use him to get chip damage on the opponents tower to as an answer to their elixir collector. If you play him on their collector try to apply pressure to a lane with dart goblin or goblin gang.


Pekka is an extremely strong card, she is your main tank killer in this deck which then you can use for an offensive push. You can also use miner to tank for her if her health is low to increase the odds of her getting to their tower and getting a swing off.

Dart Goblin

Remember this card moves extremely fast so if your opponent has used their log you can punish them when you dart goblin and miner. He has a pretty big range so remeber this if you need to snipe a building placed centrally by you opponent.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game like all decks it depends what your opponent is playing and then you adjust your play style accordingly for example if you’re up against hog cycle you should play passively until double elixir unless your opponent makes a mistake. If you’re against an opponent with a heavy tank then you’re going to need the pekka to counter.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game remember not to over commit on an offensive push especially if their tower is under 1000HP because you have the miner and/or posion. Try to always get spell value throughout the matches and most importantly don’t over commit unless you know your opponent is low on elxir and you can over whelm them and end the game! Goodluck running this deck everyone make sure to check out my video for for help and guidance on running this deck!

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