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clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

I found this deck while watching the CRL in Asia and from the research I’ve done this deck is becoming extremely popular very quickly so why not get ahead of the meta and start practicing now! You have some extremely strong defensive cards in this deck which can be turned into an offensive push. Try to use your ice golem where possible to kite troops to make some good positive elxir trades. Try to keep the pressure on where possible using the hog rider especially if the opponent plays a tank behind their towers. You can also play split lane pushes by using the three musketeers split and then hog rider in one lane and royal ghost in the other if you’re struggling to find a way though you opponents defence.

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The hunter has become very strong since his last buff he is great at taking down tanks and also smaller swarm units he’s extremely versatile in this deck and often forces your opponent to use their spell to take him out leaving you free to use your three musketeers.

Hog Rider

The hog riders is your main win condition. He’s great at applying pressure to your opponent. If your opponent plays elixir collector in between their towers then you can play hog at the river to try and get a swing on their collector.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you want to try and figure out what deck your opponent is playing. This will help you know what cards you need to hold onto to counter their win condition. If they start out with an elixir collector then you can fireball it or apply pressure with your hog rider if you have it in hand. The same goes if they play a heavy tank you want to pressure the opposite lane. If they play a hog rider then play defensive then use your surviving troops to support a hog rider push.

Late Stage Gameplan

You should now have a good understanding of your opponents deck and their play style. If you know you’re ahead on elxir or your confident in your self feel free to make prediction plays. One of the things that makes pro players pro players are understanding card interactions and been able to make successful prediction plays. Sometimes with this deck you won’t play your three musketeers until double elxir or perhaps your might not play them at all. They’re best used for defence in this deck which you can deck apply pressure with a split lane push offensively. This is fast becoming the most popular deck so get ahead of the game and start practicing now! Let me know how you guys get on.

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