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Rascals have only been out a day or so, yet the pro player in my video has already found a great spot for them in this deck! This deck is essentially a bait deck however you have a log bait aspect, princess, goblin gang and goblin barrel and you also have a fireball aspect, zappies, minion horde and rascals. So it’s easy to bait out your opponents spells and then punish them when you feels it’s necessary. You can also split a lot of these cards in this deck if you want to apply pressure with a split lane push, just ensure you don’t over commit on offence and leave your self no elxir for defence. Make sure you space out your troops fairly well because it’s easy for your opponent to shut down a push with a single spells, which is why this is a bait deck! The girls in the rascal gang die to log but the boy doesn’t so you can bait out their log with he rascals and then use the boy to tank for a goblin barrel or goblin gang. I find this is an extremely fun deck to play because most opponents don’t know how to counter rascals yet so you’ll find them over committing on defence which allows you to gain a good elxir lead fairly quickly.

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Miner is your main tank in this deck. You can use him to answer elixir collectors, kill princess’, or to get chip damage. You can also use him on their tower and then use zap to retarget the tower on to the miner. If they play an elixir collector in the middle then play miner onto the collector and apply pressure at the bridge with goblin gang to try and get tower damage.


Princess is a great defensive card. Try to play her in the opposite lane to make it harder for your opponent to get value if they try and take her out. You should try to protect to keep her alive to get the most value out of her as possible.

Goblin Barrel

Goblin barrel is mainly used as a punish card in this deck, you bait out their log with another card and then you play the barrel onto their tower. It can also be used to get damage on elixir collectors if your miner is out of rotation.


Rascals are pretty new to the game so the card mechanics and minor interactions aren’t fully understood yet however you can use them for split lane pushing. The girls die to log but the boy doesn’t so it’s grest for baiting out log and applying pressure with the surviving boy with your goblin barrel.


Zappies are grest at stopping cards that charge like prince, bandit and battle ram which are all used heavily in this meta. They’re also a good card to bait out fireball which leaves you open to play your minion horde or rascals.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you want to play fairly light at first and try to find out what your opponent is playing. If they start out with and elixir collector then apply pressure on your opponent and try to get tower damage while they’re low on elixir. Ideally you want to send the miner to their collector and then drop goblin gang at the bridge. If they start out with a heavy tank then you want to try and bait out their splash damage in the deck so you can go ahead and use minions if you need to for defence. Rascals are also grest at stopping the opponents pushes so play them wisely and don’t group your defensive troops together.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you’ll find this deck cycles fairly quickly. You need to use this to your advantage if you’re struggling to break through your opponents defence. Try to out cycle your opponent if necessary so you can get damage with the goblin barrel on their tower. If you’ve already taken a tower in the first two minuets then you need to play strong defense but also make sure you’re applying pressure in the opposite lane so your opponent can’t stack up troops in a single lane which would make it hard for you to defend. Remember to keep switching up your miner placements to increase the chances of getting damage on to their tower. Towards the end of the game you can play princess at the bridge if they only have a few hundred HP on their tower but I wouldn’t recommend doing this any other time. Goodluck with this deck and let me know what you guys think of the cheeky little rascals! Goodluck in the rascal challenge if you haven’t already attempted it!

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