2.5 Miner Cycle
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

In my video I’m commentating on matches from surgical TS. He’s one of the best players in the community and he’Il be going head to head with Pompeo in my next Pro v Pro video! So about this deck, I’m not going to lie it is a fairly high skill cap deck, so if you want to improve your game play and understand micro interactions of cards then this is a great deck to play. For defence you want to use ice golem to either block the lane or kite troops and then use mega minion or hunter to defend. Your main source of damage will be using the miner to acquire chip damage and getting good value with your spells throughout the game. It’s also a great bonus if you can get the bandit to connect to their tower! You can use ice golem and ice spirit to take out minion hordes which leave you your posion to answer other cards like three musketeers or to even get chip damage on their tower. Because this deck is so cheap and cycles so fast you can play more aggressive than you normally would with a heavier deck, you still need to be aware of what you opponent is running and not to leave yourself at a huge elxir disadvantage.

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You can use bandit to support your miner pushes later in the game. She can stop charging princes too.


This guy is your win condition remember to switch up where you place him on the opponents tower to make it harder for them to predict. If you use him to answer an elxir collector then use bandit to pressure the lane too.


This card is a fairly high skill cap card. He is your main tank kills he is also great at dealing with swarm units. He’s best paired with ice golem or skeletons to tank for him while takes down their troops.

Ice Golem

I would say this is probably the most important card in your deck, playing him correctly can give you large elxir leads especially if you kite troops or use him as a tank.

Early Stage Gameplan

With this deck it’s imprint to remain fairly aggressive throughout the whole game so make sure you keep cycling that miner on their tower. You will find you can quickly out cycle any counters your opponent has for your miner. Make sure you defend extremely well, this is a one star victory deck, and then use your surviving troops on an offensive push with your miner tanking. Try to get spell value throughout the entire match by chipping away tower HP and damaging troops/buildings at the same time. Cycling ice spirit at the bridge is also a good way to get small chip damage at the start of the match if you’re waiting on your opponent making the first move. If they start with an elixir pump you could miner the tower and then play posion onto the pump because the opponent will often predict you’re miner placement will be on the pump not the tower.

Late Stage Gameplan

During the later game it’s extremely important you don’t leak elixir! This deck cycles very fast so you can often find your self on full elixir. If they’re playing three musketeers don’t worry about using your posion on another card because as you know this deck cycles very quickly so you’ll have it back in rotation in no time. You’ll also be able to stack a lot of defensive troops up during in double elxir so because of this you need to place them efficiently and not all clumped together where your opponent can get good spell value. Remeber to keep using the miner to get chip damage and during double elixir if your opponent has some swarm units I would play a prediction posion or log to get extra chip damage while also getting good spell value! Goodluck with this deck guys it’s extremely fun to play let me know how you all get on!

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