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In my video Trainer Guard shows me the top 5 decks for rascals. In this guide I’m talking about his favourite deck for rascals. (Starts at 14:40)This is a kind of bait deck with the aspect if you bait out their log you can easily punish with other cards in your deck. However you have the pekka to counter large tanks and she’s also great against siege decks. You have a few strong tanks tanks in this deck, miner, pekka and the boy. All of these can be supported by your smaller units to force and answer from your opponent.

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You’ll use this card to answer any elxir collectors the opponent plays during the match or poisoning the collecting and using the miner on the tower can often catch your opponent off guard. He’s also great at getting chip damage on the opponents towers and taking down princess’.


Pekka is your main tank killer in this deck. If you keep her alive during the defence you can then use her on a strong offensive push.


This card fits extremely well into this deck, if you can bait out your opponents log with goblin gang or dart goblin then you can use the rascals to pressure your opponent. I wouldn’t recommend splitting them because they’re stronger together an a solo rascal doesn’t really do much damage.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game don’t be afraid to make the first move especially if you have miner in hand. Alternatively you can cycle your ice spirit at the bridge to get a small amount of chip damage. If they start off with an elixir then play miner onto the collector and use a support troop at the bridge to get tower damage. If they start out with an aggressive hog rider then you can use ice spirit to temporarily freeze the hog and then play goblin gang to counter the hog. Try to always get chip damage throughout the match with your spells it’ll increase your win rate.

Late Stage Gameplan

During the later game keep getting chip damage. If you’ve played pekka then support her and try to get her to connect to the tower. I recommend using prediction spells especially the log if you play a miner, it’ll help you aquaire good chip damage with the potential of making positive elxir trades. Try to keep track of your opponents cards too this will help you know when to play your cards and what spells to use predictively. Goodluck with this deck everyone go checkout my video to see different rascal decks

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