Rascal Graveyard
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This guide for this deck starts at 10:20 in my video! I find graveyard an extremely fun win condition to play and pairing it with rascals can often catch your opponent off guard because people are still unsure how to counter them. With this deck you want to play defensively and keep playing goblin huts. The ideal way for you is if they play posion on to the hut because this will allow you to go aggressive with your graveyard. If you’re against another graveyard player you can use guards or play rascals behind your tower, this will leave you with your posion in hand to play it offensively if required.

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Graveyard is your main win condition in this deck. If your opponent is running posion you want to make sure you bait it out first with either your goblin hut or guards.


This is you main spell in this deck. You can pair it with graveyard if you know your opponent is playing a lower HP card which will give your value and also allow your graveyard to get more damage.

Goblin Hut

Goblin hut is still fairly strong even after its nerf. Try to stack these up throughout the game to force your opponent to respond with a spell, once they do your free to go ahead and play graveyard.


If your icegolem is out of cycle you can use the male rascal as a tank for your graveyard. Just be aware using the rascals graveyard is a ten elxir push so I wouldn’t play it unless you know your up on elxir or it’s into over time and your confident you can take the tower. I wouldn’t ever split rascals they’re a lot stronger if you keep them together. They can also stop a charging princes.

Ice Golem

Remeber to use this card to kite other troops. It’s a great defensive card that can give you great value and also allow you to counter push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you’re best off waiting for your opponent to make the first move. However if you like to make the first play then either a central goblin hut or splitting guards is a good first play. Ice golem can be an “ok” first move however you might need him for defence or to go aggressive with your graveyard if your opponent spends a lot of elxir on a pump or a heavy tank. Try to always play your posion in the most efficient place by always damaging the tower if you posion a building or a troop card where possible.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game if you haven’t already taken a tower then keep playing those goblin huts and start to build up a bigger push. You might have to take some tower damage in order to save elixir for a strong game winning push. If their tower is fairly low on health then you can start spell cycling to take their tower. Goodluck with this deck everyone make sure you let me know how you all get on with this deck!

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