DaRealLegend posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

Hey folks ! With the recent buff of the dart goblin, he has become a popular fit in many bait decks. In this version, the dart goblin will be paired with the goblin gang, battle ram and royal ghost to create a log bait deck and a zap bait deck when you combine the bats. Defensively this deck can counter the Meta Golem decks and offensively it can be used a Pekka beatdown deck or a split lane push deck with the battle ram and royal ghost leading the charge. Add in the poison spell and you're able to counter against many of the pekka, battle ram counters and add even more chip damage in late game pushes.

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Royal Ghost

The royal ghost can be used against the Hog, which has seen a huge uptick in the meta and can be used in either a split lane push with the battle ram or it can attack either behind a pekka beatdown push or even tank for the dart goblin or battle ram as well.


The Pekka will be your tank counter and will serve as your primary tank for late game pekka beatdown pushes with the poison spell. The dart goblin will also help protect the pekka as well until a spell is baited out then you can use the goblin gang or bats

Dart Goblin

The dart goblin will protect your cards and also assist in doing collective damage against tanks especially Golems or against the graveyard which also has seen an increase in usage. the dart goblin will also bait out spells allowing you to rotate the bats or goblin gang or battle ram for a sneak push

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early stages of the game, defend and bait out spells until you create an opportunity for you to use the battle ram to get an attack the tower. Best use of the ram is when you have either the zap or poison card on hand to counter against defenses against the Ram unless the opponent drop a mega knight or uses a pekka. Continue this strategy until 2x time.

Late Stage Gameplan

In 2x time, this deck will quickly transform into a pekka beatdown or a bridge spam deck with the royal ghost and battle ram. The strategy will depend on your opponents deck, If they're playing heavy, use the pekka to shutdown tanks and use the bridge spam to punish when they overextend or commit to much elixir

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