clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is a great off meta deck to play. Sparky can often make your opponent panic and make them over commit on defence. Your best off move for the giant sparky combo is placing the sparky behind your king tower and then playing a giant in front of her. Sparky is also great on defense and if she has enough health left and she’s heading towards the bridge then try pushing the opposite lane with giant and some smaller units to add extra pressure to your opponent. So split lane pushing with this deck can be extremely hard for your opponent to defend successfully. A great play you can make with this deck is a Giant, sparky and mega minion. It’s always worth playing the same lane as the elixir pump as soon as they play it because if you take the tower then you’ll also get damage on their pump denying them elxir. Fireball and zap are a strong combo in anydeck play them wisely, you don’t alwasy need to get chip damage with your spells with this deck but it can certainly help. You sometimes best playing your spells at the last possible second to increase the odds of you damaging a card your opponent plays into your spell.

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This trash can on wheels is always worth supporting at the bridge if she has over 25% health. You can often catch your opponent while they’re low on elixir and this will potentially you a sparky blast on their tower.


This is your heavy spell in the deck. It’s alwasy worth fireballing and elxir collector because it denies them four elxir and also give you tower damage. Just be aware if they’re running pump, three musketeers and minion horde you might need your fireballs to counter other cards. During double elixir if they’re running this kind of deck I would not fireball the pump.


The giant is your tank in this deck. He can be used to kite troops across lanes while your sparky blasts their push and then you can go on a strong offensive push.

Early Stage Gameplan

A good first play is playing your goblin gang or spear goblins at the bridge to see what small spell your opponent is running. If they’re running zap then you’ll need to bait out their zap by using the goblins so you can play your sparky without her been reset. If you take a tower early make sure you remain fairly aggressive.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game it’s worth concentrating on defence especially if the opponent is playing fairly aggressive, then you can stack up defensive troops and hopefully cash in on a strong counter push. If you’ve taken a tower you should play sparky in the lane where you’ve taken a tower and pressure the other lane with more spam units, then you can play giant in the pocket and potentially either take another tower or use all you opponents elxir on defence rather than allowing them to save it for an offensive push. Viva La Sparky! This is a great deck to play everyone please let me know how you guys get on with this deck!

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