clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

In my video I cover this deck starting at 12:30. These are trainee guards top 5 decks featuring rascals! Check out my video for help with the upcoming challenge this weekend. This is a strong lava hound deck featuring the new rascals! In this deck you only have two ground based units, rascals and tombstone. So always nake sure you have at least one of these cards in hand especially if you’re up against a bridge spam opponent. You’re unlikely to be able to build a lava hound ballon push with other support troops during the first two minuets, so play defensively and punish where required.

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Lava Hound

Lava hound is you main tank in this deck but by her self she doesn’t really do that much damage so you need to make sure you support her where possible. You’ll often find that if you play her early game your opponent will try to rush your opposite tower so ensuring your have tomb stone for rascals in hand will help.


I would use the ballon more as a punish card in this deck or is you know you’re up on elixir. If your know your opponents counters are out of hand than you can pressure with your balloon and often take the tower.


This is your main ground based defensive card. The girls die extremely easily but they are good for counting are units and forcing your opponent to play a spells which then leaves you open to pressure with your balloon. The boy rascal can also act as a good tank for the balloon ifou know your opponents counters are out of hand.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game I would rarely start out with the lava hound unless your opponent plays elixir collector. Waiting for your opponent to make the first move can often be the smartest you’re unsure in what to play. If they start out with a heavy tank then you can play a lava hound opposite lane and apply pressure that way. You’ll most likely need tombstone and mega minion for a good defense in this situation. If they play hog rider or a bridge spam unit then tombstone works great, just be aware if they have hog they’re most likely going the have log which they will use on your tombstone so if you play rascals play them away from the tombstone. You can go for a balloon push in the first two minuets like in my video however make sure you have enough elixir for defence.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you’ll find it’s easier to build up bigger pushes, if you know your opponent has committed a lot of elixir on defence in one lane you can pressure the opposite lane with balloon if you have them in hand or even rascals. Also if your know you’re ahead and you have the opponent on the back foot then stay aggressive, play another lava hound or balloon and try to get that three crown! Spells are extremely important in this deck not only for defence but also for keeping certain cards alive as long as possible, fireball will take out a lot of swarm based units and fireball plus zap can kill musketeers. Goodluck with this deck everyone hope you enjoy playing it as much as I have!

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