clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

These decks are extremely strong as you can see from my video where the pro goes for first and second place on ladder. You main source of damage is the miner and also punishing the opponent on counter pushes or when they make a mistake. The pekka is you main tank killer in this deck and she makes a great counter push. If your up against the musketeers you should say your posion. Miner is great for hitting elixir collectors which allow you to pressure in the opposite lane.

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Miner is your main win condition in this deck, use him to take down elixir collectors when needed. Make sure to switch up your miner placements to make it harder for your opponent to predict your placements.


She’s your mainly tank killer but is also great on defence against lot of other cards.


You can use this card to pressure at the bridge if needed or use her in sync with your miner to try to get extra tower damage.


Try to always get tower chip damage while also damaging enemy troops or buildings. This will give you to most value possible. Also try to play it as late as possible which will increase the odds of your opponent playing another card into your posion.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game as always try to figure out what your opponent is running. Cycle a few miners and see how your opponent reacts. If your opponent starts out with a tank then apply pressure in the opposite lane with miner and either bandit or ghost. Save your pekka to destroy their tank. If they start with an elixir collector then play miner onto the collector and pressure at the bridge with a card. If they open with an aggressive hog rider then using play defensively and then use your surviving troops on a counter push with a miner onto their tower. Remember during in single elxir try to make as many positive trades as possible to give you a good lead going into double elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you can be more aggressive with your miners and supporting him at the bridge. Make sure you still play good defensive but also keep pressure in the opposite lane to stop your opponent building up a huge push in one lane. Goodluck with this deck guys!

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