New Hog Cycle
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

In my video Jake AKA Tag is showing us all how to play this deck. He is a huge fan of rascals and as you can see this deck also has dart goblin. This deck has a spell bait element with the, spear goblins, dart goblin and rascals. They’ll either bait out their zap or log which will allow you play you hog with a strong supporting push. Against beat down decks your best playing into the opposite lane while still defending in the other lane. Against graveyard decks you’ll find it’s best playing in the same lane as your opponent, you defend and then use the surviving troops on a counter push. Be careful not to over commit at anypoint especially during in the first two minuets because it’ll leave you at a huge elixir deficit and you will most likely lose to game.

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The Log

Log is great especially against log bait decks, you have plenty of cards in this deck to deal with log bait card which will allow you to use prediction logs later in the game if you know what your opponent is running.

Hog Rider

The hog rider is your win condition in this deck. Make sure to play him at appropriate times throughout the match to get the maximum value possible. He is often best played behind the icegolem who can tank for the hog allowing him to get extra tower damage.

Dart Goblin

Dart goblin is fairly strong he can two shot minions and is also a great support card to play behind you hog if you’ve baited out your opponents spells. He can also be played at the bridge to get small chip damage however I would only do this late game if your opponent only has a few hundred HP on their tower.


These are still very new yet extremely strong! I don’t recommend splitting them because you’re basically throwing away the girl rascal. They’re a great defensive card that often survive a defence which allows you to go on an offence push with the hog behind the boy rascal.

Ice Golem

Use this card to tank for your lighter units or to kite troops into the opposite lane. He can then be used as a tank for the hog rider.


Fireball is your main spell in this deck, if you fireball an elixir collector then you’ll deny your opponent four elxir while also getting tower damage. Some decks are heavily fireball/posion bait especially three musketeers with minion horde. In this case you can fireball the three musketeers and use dart goblin or rascals to tank down the minion horde.

Early Stage Gameplan

Spear goblins are a great opening play, they’re cheap and it usually causes your opponent to play a card too which gives you a hint at what deck they might be running. Early game it’s all about defending well, making positive elxir trades and applying light pressure when required. If your opponent makes a mistake by playing a defensive tower in the wrong place then you need to apply pressure. If your opponent decides to play a heavy tank in a lane the. Immediately apply pressure in the opposite lane with your hog rider support but a two or three elixir card.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game this deck will cycle quickly so if you’ve struggled at breaking through your opponents defence during single elixir then now is a good time to try and out cycle your opponent and get good tower damage. Make sure you also get good spell value throughout the whole match by damaging the tower while also taking out the enemies troops or buildings. If you’ve kept track of your opponents card cycle and you play a hog at the river you can often make a prediction spell placement with either log or fireball if you know what your opponent is going to play. Goodluck running this deck everyone check out my video to see an alternative option to rascals if you haven’t unlocked them yet!

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