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The guide for this deck starts at 14:05 in my video. It’s been a long time since I did a video on xbow but I think this is a really strong deck. It also has my favourite card in this deck, the ice wizard, he’s a great defensive card. Often with the xbow you play the whole game on your side of the arena with very few of your troops getting to the opponents towers. Seige decks are very defensive, and that’s the best way to play them while waiting for you opponent to either make a mistake or over commit allowing you to get the xbow to lock onto their tower. Once you get that lock you need to defend the xbow to make sure it stays alive as long as possible allowing you to get maximum tower damage. Once their tower is low enough you can play defensive xbows then rocket cycle their towers. A thing to remember with seige decks is if your opponent has taken a tower you need play in the lane where your tower is still up otherwise your opponent will drop troops directly on top of the xbow.

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The Log

The log synergies grest in this deck at taking out swarm units your opponent has played to defend your xbow. It’s also great at acquiring tower chip damaging throughout the game.

Ice Wizard

I absolutely love this card, he is an extremely defensive card and works well at slowing down enemy units allowing your xbow or tower to take them out.


This card is your win condition in this deck. The aim is to get this locked onto their tower and then protect it for as long as possible. A lot of the time you will only need on successful lock in order to take down the opponents tower or get it low enough for he rocket cycle to begin.


Rocket is a great card but can take some practise as you’ll know if you watch certain YouTubers! It can be used against elixir collectors to deny all elixir if you play it quick enough. You can also pair it with Tornado to pull a group of troops together and then rocket, just be aware this would be a 9 elixir spend so make sure you’re getting value before you make this play.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you need to figure out what your opponent is playing and what cards they have to counter your deck, if you think you’re up against a hard matchup then play for the draw. If the opponent starts out with an elixir collector and you don’t have rocket in hand then play an aggressive xbow and punish your opponent, be ready to deploy the ice golem or log to counter the cards your opponent might play. During single elxir it’s ok the play an xbow in he middle to kite units and allow you to build up positive elixir trades ready for double elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you will find this deck can cycle pretty quick, so if you play correctly you can often out cycle your opponent and play a second xbow as soon as the first one dies and you know you’re opponent is either low on elixir or their counters are out of hand.

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