Dark Prince Bait
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

The game play for this deck starts at 4:50 in my video. As with all bait deck you need to force your opponent to play their counter to goblin barrel and then punish them by playing slightly more aggressive and getting good tower damage while their either low on elixir or don’t have a counter in hand. You have four log bait cards in this deck, ice spirit, goblin gang, princess and goblin barrel. Use these to your advantage and try to force your opponent to log cards that they don’t want to log. This deck cycles very quickly especially in double elixir so keep the pressure up and try to out cycle your opponent. Just make sure you don’t over commit with this deck because it can be hard to come back if you end up down on elixir, so make sure you’re always defending as efficiently as possible and applying pressure in the opposite lane to stop your opponent building up one huge push.

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Princess is an extremely valuable defensive card, try to play her in he opposite lane to what you opponent is pushing to ensure they don’t get tower chip damage kn that side if they log or fireball her. I don’t recommend playing her at the bridge unless it’s pretty late in the game and you need to get some tower chip damage. Try to protect her if the opponent plays a miner to counter her too this will potentially force out their log which will allow you to play your goblin barrel.


Tornado works well with princess for pulling troops together and allowing her splash damage to get extra value. I also recommend try to activate your King tower in the first couple of minutes especially if your opponent is also running bait or even hog cycle.

Goblin Barrel

The goblin barrel will be your main win condition in this deck. You need to try and force out your opponents counter and then punish them with a support card and the barrel at the bridge. You can also play this onto elixir collectors if you don’t have your rocket in hand or you want to try and make a good positive elixir trade.

Dark Prince

Dark prince is still very strong and his charge and shield can make him card to counter. He works very well as a tank for your goblin barrel too. He can also kill the opponents goblin barrel if he is charging from behind your king tower as their barrel lands on your tower.


With this card in your deck you often only need one successful goblin barrel push before you can start rocket cycling. This card also kills a sparky in a single shot so if the opponent play it behind their towers then it’s almost always worth playing the rocket.

Ice Spirit

This card can be cycled at the bridge to get minor chip damage or you can also pair it with goblin barrel. If you play the ice spirit st the bridge then the barrel onto their tower you will get maximum damage. However make sure that your opponent either isn’t running log or it is out of hand otherwise you’ll be giving them a 2 elixir positive trade unless you successfully play a juke barrel.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game it’s important to figure out what your opponent is running and you should try and keep track of their card rotation. Play the barrel a couple of times to see how your opponent counters it. I wouldn’t play a juke barrel until you know they’re either low on elixir or they only have one counter in rotation.

Late Stage Gameplan

Keep cycling the barrel and applying pressure. Try to stack up princess’ because they’re extremely valuable and can force your opponent to counter them because of how well they do on defence or offense. If you’ve used a dark prince on defence and he has HP left play a barrel as he crosses the bridge so he can tank tower damage. Goodluck with his deck everyone, it is a good deck to practise with and understand more micro card interactions within the game!

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