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clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

in my video Icarus is playing top of the ladder using this deck. The most important thing with this deck is knowing when to go aggressive and when to play passively. You mainly want to wait for your opponent to over commit before you go aggressive and try to take a tower as you can see in my video. The two spells in this deck work well together in almost every deck. If you fireball your opponents elixir collect then you’re going to deny them four elixir while also getting tower damage. If the opponent is running three musketeers and minions your may need to save the fireball to counter these cards. You need to keep some pressure on your opponent throughout the whole game, you don’t want to play just defense with this deck.

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Inferno Dragon

This guy is your tank killer and often forces a zap out of your opponent which allows you to play your battle ram or dark prince without them been zapped.


Bandit is a great card, she is extremely strong and also great at applying pressure at the bridge. She can also stop a charging prince without taking the full charge damage.

Dark Prince

Dark prince is used by Icarus to cycle behind his king tower in he opposite if he doesn’t have another move to make, he does this so he doesn’t leak any elixir and it also forces your opponent to react.

Battle Ram

Battle ram is a great card to use to punish your opponent, it has a solid shield mechanic like the dark prince however until the ram is broken he only targets buildings, this allows you to kite troops into the opposite lane. Icarus also uses this card similar to the dark prince by cycling it behind his tower.


Playing the zap at the right time can be the difference between your battle ram connecting to the tower or not. As with most spells you should try to play them as late as possible to see if your opponent drops anything into the spell radius.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early lane you want to try and find out what your opponent is playing. The best way to do this is applying light pressure in a lane and seeing how your opponent reacts. If they’re running a heavy deck then single elixir is the perfect time to punish them if they over commit. If they do this keep the pressure on once you know they’re low on elixir, you can split lane push with this deck and try to go for the threee crown. Remeber you can easily kite troops using the battle ram or ice golem which allows you to turn a light defence into a good offensive push.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you’re going to find it extremely easily to cycle with this deck and keep the pressure up either in a one or both lanes. You don’t want your opponent to build up a huge golem push so keep applying pressure even if you have already taken a tower. This deck can take some practising because there is more to it than just spamming cards at the bridge. Hope you all have fun playing this deck let me know how you all get on!

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