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clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

In my video the pro player Carter is on my channel talking about this extremely strong bait deck he is running. You have effectively five log bait cards in this deck, princess, rascals, goblin barrel, goblin gang and prince. People will often log your prince to stop him getting his charge damage in their tower. With this deck especially against big bear down decks you need to keep on the pressure and acquire chip damage throughout the game. If your opponent isn’t making any mistakes then keep stacking up princess’ and protect them as well as your can, this will force your opponent to use their spell which opens the game up for you to go more aggressive with your goblins. If you’re playing against a lava hound player then as soon as they drop their lava hound you need to apply a lot of pressure in the opposite lane because they’ll struggle to defend the push.

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This common card is extremely strong, it can bait out the log leaving the name rascal alive and he will tank for your goblin barrel if you chose to play it.

Goblin Barrel

This card is your main win condition, successfully connecting onto their tower with this card can take their tower extremely low giving you the game advantage.


Prince is great at dealing with the ground tanks in your opponents decks


Princess is a great defensive card and also great for supporting your other cards. You can play her at the bridge during the later stage of the game to get tower chip damage, this will often cause your opponent to respond quickly allowing you to apply more pressure with either goblin gang or barrel.

Early Stage Gameplan

The best opening move is goblin barrel because this can bait out the log early which will allow you to play rascals and goblin gang. Another good opening playing in princess because of how good she is on defence. During the first minute you should try and figure out what your opponent is playing and then try to keep track of their card cycle. As soon as the opponent makes a small mistake or over commits on defence or offensive then go ahead and punish your opponent.

Late Stage Gameplan

During in later game your game play will depend on which deck you’re up against. If it’s a heavy beat down deck then keep the pressure on in the opposite lane, if they play golem or hound then pressure the opposite lane immediately. If you’re playing against another bait deck try to keep your princess alive and defend her as well as possible and punish your opponent when they make a mistake. Even if you have already taken a tower then keep pressuring up your opponent and forcing them to react. If you have a good understanding your opponents deck then you can apply dual lane pressure. Goodluck running this deck everyone make sure to check out my video to get more great tips on running this deck and see how to win against the more difficult matchups!

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