2.9 Xbow cycle
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck has a very high win rate despite it been underused in this meta. With xbow you need to understand what your opponent is playing before you commit to playing your xbow. If you play it well you will often only need one successful tower lock with your xbow for you to win the game. With his deck even if you’re up against a good counter deck you can often play for the draw. Also against heavy beat down decks you’ll find you can out cycle your opponent during the later stages of the game.

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This is your main win condition in this deck. When you commit to playing this card aggressively at the bridge then you need to make sure you have enough elixir to play support cards to make your xbow live longer. This card is also great to play on defence and during in double elixir you’ll find you can cycle back to a second bow to play at the bridge which means your first xbow will help protect your second xbow.

Ice Golem

Icegolem is key for helping defend your xbow and also using him on defence. Remeber to use him to kite troops across the lanes. Ice golem paired with Tesla can shut down a lot of pushes in the game especially while defending your xbow.


Tesla will probably be your main support card to your xbow. It can one shot minions and goblins.


Fireball is your heavy spell in this deck try to always get tower chip damage with this card while also damaging enemy buildings or troops.

Early Stage Gameplan

A good opening play is cycling skeletons in the back, this often makes your opponent feel like they have to play a card. For the first minute or so in the match just cycle some cards and try to get small chip damage with ice spirit or log when you can, this will help you figure out what your opponent is playing and then you can keep track of their card cycle easier.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game this deck will cycle extremely quickly so if you’ve struggled to break through your opponents defence then now is a good time to out cycle them. If you successfully took a tower in the first two minuets then defensive xbows will help you defend and you can use Tesla to pull enemy units even further away from the tower they’re trying to take. Goodluck running this OP deck check out my video to watch two of the best players in the world using this deck in a match!

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