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The deck is absolutely dominating this current meta, even if you have under levelled rascals they’re still extremely strong and work brilliantly on either ladder or challenges. You need to know what deck your opponent is playing because this will change the way you play your mortar. Against decks like bridge spam, pekka or log bait you should try and use more offensive mortars and against decks such as golem, giant triple spell you should play more defensive mortars. Also against these heavier decks you should play a lot more passively because you’ll need to focus more on defence and then get chip damage with your miner on their tower and using your surving defensive troops. If you’ve started to take a lot of damage in a single lane then try switch lanes and apply pressure to hopefully force your opponent to also switch lanes. As with most decks you need to punish your opponent when your opponent uses their spell against one of your cards. Make sure to check out my video for more great chips on running this deck and how to deal with the more difficult match ups while using this deck!

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Miner is extremely versatile in this deck, depending on what you’re up against will depend how you play him. If your opponent have elixir pump then the miner will be key to taking down their pump, if they do pump up then pressure a lane with rascals or goblin gang and then play the miner onto their pump. If you’re playing against heavier decks then the miner will be your main source of damage against the opponents tower. Always make sure you don’t play your miner in the same position on their tower otherwise your opponent will just keep predicting your placements.


Rascals are great especially on defence they can get so much DPS. They’re also great at pressing at the bridge or supporting your aggressive mortar plays.


You never want to start a match with an aggressive mortar, you need to know what they’re playing and what counters they have before you play this card. This will help you understand what cards to play to help support the mortar. If your against Royal Giant then play defensive mortars five tiles from the river to ensure the RG is in range of the tower.

Minion Horde

You can get great value with this card however you can’t also give your opponent positive elixir trades. So it’s important to ensure the opponents counters to this card are out of cycle before you play this card, especially if your opponent has arrows or even fire spirits.

The Log

The log is one two spells in this deck both are extremely cheap. With this card try to also deck chip damage on their tower. It’s also a good card to play predictively to support your mortar especially if your opponent is running rascals or goblin gang and you know they’re in cycle.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you need to identify what spells your opponent has to counter your bait cards, also take note of what cards your opponent has to counter your minion horde such as ice golem, ice spirit or electro wizard. These are cards that you want out of cycle before you should play the horde. A good first play is either splitting a goblin gang in the back or cycling spear goblins at the bridge. Once you’re aware of what your opponent is playing is you go aggressive with a mortar you can make prediction plays to help support your mortar attack.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is wher you need to decide if you want to switch lanes if you’ve taken some damage on your other tower. This deck is fairly cheap so you can cycle certain cards extremely quickly. If you defend a heavy push and you have surving troops heading towards their tower then support them with a miner on their tower and try to catch them off guard while their elixir is low. Goodluck running this OP deck everything is extremely strong even if you have under levelled cards.

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