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This deck was used in a match in CRL Asia by the pro player Fuchi. You have two mini tanks in this deck, the miner and the Valkyrie. If you can get the opponents tower to lock onto either of these then it will allow the spear goblins to stack up behind them. You could also use skeleton barrel or dart goblin behind them to apply extra pressure or even use them in the opposite lane to force your opponent to chose a lane to defend. Make sure you try and always get spell value throughout the game especially by chipping away the opponents towers or defensive buildings they’ve played. Against bait decks and bridge spam you’re going to want to play fairly aggressive. Against graveyard you should defend with Valkyrie or dart goblin behind your tower, make sure you kill the tank first. And then go on an offensive push with your surviving troops. If you’re up against heavy beat down decks you should play extremely defensive and try to get tower damage with your miners. You can play a high goblin hut in he opposite lane to also kite their tank away from your princess tower.

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Electro Wizard

Ewiz is a great card for defence and probably the most valuable defensive card in this deck.


Miner can be used to get tower chip damage, tank for another card you’ve played or you can use him to answer an elixir collector. If the opponent plays an elixir collector then apply pressure at the bridge with your skeleton barrel and then play the miner onto the pump.

Goblin Hut

Goblin barrels can easily win you a game if you play them correctly and your opponent struggles to answer them. You want to keep stacking them up as best as you can throughout the game to force your opponent to use their spells. It can also pull air troops while your towers or ewiz takes them down.

Skeleton Barrel

Remeber this can has death damage so it can be used to distract minions or bats. It’s best purpose in this deck is to apply pressure at the bridge when you know your opponents counters are out of hand.

Early Stage Gameplan

The skeleton barrel can be a good first opening play because sometimes your opponent won’t have a counter card in hand. You don’t want to make he first play with electro wizard or Valkyrie because they can’t be important cards on defence if your opponent decides to rush your tower. Try to figure out what your opponent is playing, what their win condition is and what counters they have to your deck.

Late Stage Gameplan

During later game you have a good understanding of what your opponent is playing and what cards they’re likely to play to counter your win conditions. During later game you need to keep applying pressure with the goblin hut you could even play it into the opposite lane if you’re struggling to break through the opponents defence. Keep cycling those miners on their tower and mixing up their placements to make it harder for them to predict where you’re going to play him.

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