Graveyard Freeze
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

The gameplay for this deck starts at 9:30 in my video. With graveyard decks you need to play fairly passively and wait for your opponent to make a mistake. Or catch them while they’re low on elixir especially if they’ve just played a heavy tank or an elixir collector. If they’ve just played an elixir collector, then play something at the bridge like your Valkyrie or mega minion and then play graveyard. You want to do this in the same lane as their collector. I would hold on to your freeze for later in the game you can have arrows ready incase they play a swarm unit to defend your graveyard. You can use the goblin gang to try and bait out the opponents posion or log by playing it close to your princess towers. Posion is the main counter to any graveyard deck and you don’t want to play your freeze with your graveyard if your opponent has posion in rotation beaucse you’ll be throwing away four elixir. The mega minion and Valkyrie will be your main graveyard tanks however because you have freeze you don’t always need to have a tank for your graveyard. If you have surviving troops in one lane your could counter push the opposite lane with your graveyard and have freeze ready to temporarily stop what ever troop card your opponent plays to counter the graveyard while your surviving troops in the other lane also apply pressure.

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Graveyard is your main win condition in this deck, before you make your first play you should have a good idea of what your opponent is playing. This will help you know when their counters are out of hand which means you can go aggressive and play this card.


This big purple dude is massively underused in this meta however he is still pretty strong. He’s great at countering bait decks and bridge spam decks. He can stop elite barbarians and also regular barbarians. You don’t want to use this card as a tank for your graveyard unless you’ve used him to counter the opponents push and he still has some health remaining.


You pretty on,y have one shot at catching your opponent by surprise with this card because the second time you play it they’ll be expecting it. So make sure if you play this card your opponent is low on elixir and your freezing some troops they’ve just played to defend your graveyard. You can also use this card defensively if required especially with all the splash damage you have in this deck it can work extremely well.

Inferno Tower

This card is great to counter hog, golem, giant or lava hound. It can kite the tanks away from your tower while your splash cards take out their supporting units. Then you can go on a counter push with your surviving units and play your graveyard just as your troops cross the bridge. This is also important because lava loon decks can be a hard counter for graveyard and having this card can make it harder for your opponent to reach your towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game to you to play fairly passively. Waiting for your opponent to make the first move can often be strategy. As I said earlier about the collector or tanks the first couple of minutes is the best time to do this especially if that is your opponents first play.

Late Stage Gameplan

If you’ve taken a tower in the first two minuets then you should play passively and defend well because committing to a graveyard push can leave you with no elixir to defend. If you haven’t taken a tower then you need to try and make your opponent over commit so they end up low on elixir which will allow you to play your graveyard freeze. All the splash damage in this deck makes it great at countering units your opponent plays to try and kill your graveyard tank. Goodluck running this deck everyone make sure you let me know how you guys get on.

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