New Meta Sparky Deck
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

This deck is going to become extremely strong after today’s new balance changes. The wizard paired with the Tornado can be extremely strong. As you can see this deck contains the elixir pump, this card is going to be fairly important in this deck especially in higher arenas. You want to play the elixir pump to try and build up a large elixir lead, this will often force out the big spell that your opponent has which will allow you to play your sparky. If they don’t answer the pumps then you can building up a huge elixir lead and not overwhelm your opponent. The pump and wizard do both die to lightening so make sure you always space your cards or well to avoid giving your opponent and spell value. Guards will primarily be used on defence however you could play them in front of your giant if the opponent has an inferno tower or dragon. Tornado and zap also work grest together at taking down minion hordes.

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This trash can on wheels paired with the giant are you win conditions in this deck. You want to start these pushes by playing your sparky behind your towers and NOT your giant. This is because if your opponent rushes the opposite lane you can kite them with the giants directly into your sparky path.


You want to try an£use this card to activate your king tower early game especially against miner cycle, bait and hog cycle decks. If you’re up against three musketeers you should try to pull them into the same lane using this card which will allow your sparky or wizard to help shut down their push.


Giant is the main tank of this deck. He’s best played in front of the sparky to tank for her and allow her to get more blasts off and she will also tank you units you opponent plays to kill the giant.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game as with every match it’s important to know what deck your opponent is played and then try and find out what their play style is. This will give you an advantage of knowing what they will play during the later game. A good opening play if you have it in hand is the elixir pump, you should have guards ready in case they’re running a miner or you could use Tornado to pull it away from the pump. Don’t over commit during the first two minuets unless you know you’ve acquired a large elixir lead.

Late Stage Gameplan

During the later stages of the game you should try and build up a huge push to try and take down your opponent. If they’re not allowing you to build up a large push because they keep pressuring the opposite lane then play smart defence and then go on a strong counter push. Remember to not give your opponent spell value at anypoint in the game.

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