DaRealLegend posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

In this deck we added two cards recently buffed, the mega knight & wizard ans paired them with the inferno dragon ice wizard balloon, zap and arrows. This deck allows you to to defend against air, ground and bait cards while giving the surprise element of using the balloon.

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Mega Knight

The mega knight serves as a tank for your balloon or inferno dragon. Can also be used defensively to take advantage of it's drop down attack. Paired with the ice wizard or wizard and you can certainly do damage to opponents pushes and tanks.

Inferno Dragon

The inferno dragon will be able to ramp up its charged attack even faster when the mega knight or knight is tanking and creating a distraction for it.


The wizard still remains to be an expensive option but the recent buff you can obtain more value and destroy minion hordes even faster and do a ton of damage to hunters, executioners and tanks.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early phases of the match you will use the knight as your main tank and only use the mega knight in emergency situations. Only use the balloon when the opponents air defense is played and sneak the balloon on the opposite lane to quickly do massive damage to the tower. Your knight inferno dragon and ice wizard/wizard combo will allow you to defend. Save your arrows for minion . hordes, princess or high level goblin barrels.

Late Stage Gameplan

In 2x time, you will be more aggressive with the mega knight and balloon. Use both to create advantages and use your support cards to properly defend. Your mega knight will help against charging units and will be more useful when dropped on stacks of units. The wizard is more valuable in 2x time and will create paths for your mega knight inferno dragon or ballon pushes.

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