Mega Knight Hog
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck was shown to me by Pompeo. This deck can cycle extremely quickly so if you’re trying to out cycle your opponent then you’ll find it fairly easy especially in double elixir. The hunter is probably the most important defensive card in this deck. He is your only air targeting unit that isnt zapable so play him wisely, you don’t wan to use him as a cycle card in this deck. The hog is you main win condition and he will be your main source of tower damage along with getting chip damage from spells throughout the game.

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Mega Knight

This knight has just gotten the mega back in his name after the last balance changes, he is great at taking down barbarians, three musketeers and other swarm based ground units. I don’t recommend playing this card behind your tower because your opponent will often rush the opposite lane.


This spell is key to defeating any decks with air swarm units. Try to always get tower chip damage while also taking out enemy units. I would say you always want to posion the opponents elixir collector with this deck, it’ll deny your opponent four elixir while also getting tower damage. You can use ice golem and zap to kill minions.


Hunter is your main tank killer and he’s also great at killing the hog rider. Don’t cycle this card until you know what your opponent is running and whether or not you need him on defence.

Hog Rider

You can also use this card to damage elixir collectors if they’re played between the princess towers. Remember you can use ice golem to tank for your hog rider but I would only do this either later game or if you know you have an elixir lead.

Ice Golem

Ice golem is still an exceptionally good card, he can be used to kite troops while your cycle cards and take them down. He can also tank for the hog rider if you decide to pig push your opponents towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game is highly dependent on what your opponent is playing. You can cycle skeletons or bats in the back this will often make your opponent make the first large elixir play. If your against beat down decks then you need to apply pressure with your hog in the opposite lane as soon as they play their tank. Make sure you don’t over commit and you have your hunter and mega knight in had to take down their push. If you’re against bridge spam then defend well and counter push where possible. If they have a HP lead going into double elixir then switch lanes. If you’re up against a miner cycle deck then try to predict their miner placements with ice golem and you can use mega knight or even posion to take down any support troops. You can then counter push with a hog behind your surviving troops. The best way to learn is to practise and then review you matches back and see either why you won or why you lost the game.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you should keep cycling the hog whenever you opponent gives you the opening to do so. You can now start playing posion to protect your hog rider if your opponent has swarm units to kill your or even tombstone while also damaging the tower. Make sure you are playing smart defense with this deck at all times. Goodluck with this deck everyone make sure you check out my video to see another deck Pompeo shared!

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