#1 Golem Deck
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck is extremely strong and if you know when the time is right you can easily overwhelm your opponent and easily take a three crown victory. One of the main rules with using a golem is that you shouldn’t be afraid to take tower damage or even losing a tower if you’ve started a push in the opposite lane. The deck can be extremely defensive, then you play a golem in front of your defensive troops and then you can often easily take a tower. Zap can be used to retarget the tower onto you golem or you can pair it with Tornado to stop minion hordes. If you play a golem behind your tower you can be easily punished so if you chose to play him during in single elixir then make sure you’re up on elixir so you can defend better. Also I’d play him in front of your towers so he can tank and troops your opponent sends your way.

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Night Witch

Night witch is best played behind your golem to allow her to spawn bats which will help protect your golem.


The golem is your heavy tank, you never really want to play this card until you know what deck your opponent has. You can play him in front of your princess towers if you have troops on the field already, this way he will tank for them and head straight towards their tower. Remember this guy has death damage so he can take down minions, goblins and bats so don’t waste your zap. You could also play this card to kite troops into the opposite lane and then go on an offensive counter push.

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon works well in this deck because it can counter a lot of swarm units and also works well if you pair it with Tornado on an offensive push.

Elixir Collector

This is the ideal first card to play at the start of the match. Be aware your opponent might try to rush your opposite tower or even send a miner onto the pump.

Early Stage Gameplan

The first two minuets is about building up a good elixir lead. You do this by playing elixir collectors and forcing your opponent to respond to them. In this time you should try to learn what your opponent is playing and what their weaknesses are. If you don’t have elixir collector in your first four cards you should wait for the opponent to make the first move even if you have to wait until double elixir. You should try and activate your kin tower with the Tornado where possible, this will mean you can ignore more light pushes from the opponent.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you rarely want to pump up unless you know the game is going well into overtime. If you have a couple of pumps on the field to start double elixir then you’re in a good position. Double elixir is the time you want to put your foot on the gas and go for a three crown push especially if your opponent has taken two towers. Keep stacking up those troops of play a golem in the pockets and you will find you’re dominating the game. Goodluck running this deck everyone check out my video for more great pro tips!

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