clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

Trifecta is back and this new version is extremely strong. This deck cycles extremely quickly so you can always cycle back to the card you need to defend. The trifecta is the hog, Valkyrie and musketeer. If you can get these three all in one push then you’re almsost guaranteed some good tower damage. The Valkyrie is best used to tank for your hog rider, this is an expensive push so don’t over commit by playing other supporting troops or spells unless it’s douvle elixir or your opponent give you good spell value. Your quick cycle cards are ice spirit and skeletons. These can also be used to kite troops or strong a dashing prince or bandit.

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This card is mainly for the rascals in this deck so you could easily swap it for zap and have a lot of success runnig this deck.


This red headed warrior is a great card on defence and offence. I’m this deck you should play her infront of your hog rider to tank tower damage and also take out any troops your opponent plays to defend your push.


Musketeer is you main air defence troop in this deck. Because this deck cycles so quickly during in double elixir you’ll find it easy to cycle back to a second musketeer. Just be aware that lightening is creeping back into the meta so space them out to avoid them both dying to a single lightning spell.

Hog Rider

The hog rider is you main win condition is this deck. You need to know when to pressure your opponent and when to play defensively and go on a counter push. Remember the hog can be played at the river if your opponent pumps up between their princess towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you could cycle and ice spirit at the bridge or split skeletons in the back. This will push your opponent to making the first big elixir play. You should try and figure out what deck your opponent is playing this will help you know when to play aggressive and when to play passively depending on their counter cards. If the opponent starts out with a pump or and elixir collector then apply pressure with your hog rider in the opposite lane. If your against seige you should use canon to tank the damage while you use Valkyrie or musketeer to take the unit down.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is he time you can go aggressive and play extra support troops with your Valkyrie hog rider pushes. Now you know what your opponent is playing and you should have kept track of what their card cycle is you can go ahead and make prediction spell placements. You can use canon to kite troops along with skeletons or ice spirit. Keep the pressure up with hat hog rider especially if you haven’t taken a tower. If you have taken a tower and apply some pressure to the other lane to force your opponent to spend elixir on defence rather than offence however don’t over commit because you don’t want to lose a tower. Goodluck running this deck check out my video to see how to handle some tricky matchups while playing this deck!

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