Golem Wizard OP
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This new beat down deck is extremely strong and it was shown to me by DiegoB. While running golem deck you should use you princess towers as a resource rather than protecting them at all costs. You need to be comfortable taking tower damge early game and saving elixir to play in an aggressive push. You have two spells in this deck and both are great for getting tower chip damge or helping take down a strong push from your opponent. However because this is a beat down deck they’re best used to help defend your push from and defending troops your opponent plays. This deck does take some practise to get used to so check out my video to see Diego’s play style while using this deck. Against hog rider your mega minion can such down the hog only allowing him to get one swing on the tower. If you’re against seige then playing your golem to tank the damge can allow you to build up a small counter push early game. If you’re against a deck with pekka or inferno dragon then you need to be able to overwhelm your opponent with supporting troops. You’re best playing passively and pumping up until double elixir before you do this, you will most likely lose a tower but don’t give up with this deck! Against any bridge spam them prince or wizard are great at clogging up a lane while skeletons and stop a charging bandit. If you find yourself against bait they’re likely to have a counter to pump so if your not comfortable playing it then it’s ok not to, you will definitely take damge here and I would advise on choosing to spend elixir on offence while taking damage because once you get golem, wizard, prince and mega minion on the field your opponent is going to struggling stopping your push.

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Golem is the heavy tank of your deck, he should be played in front of your support troops to protect them and shield their way to the opponents tower. Remember this guy has death damage which is capable of killing minions which are directly above him so don’t waste your posion to try to protect your push if the golem has low HP.


Posion works extremely well in this deck it can help assist you if your wizard is out of hand and can also get tower chip damage.

Mega Minion

Mega minion is a great supporting unit for your golem or even playing him on defence along with you one elixir skeletons can give you a positive elixir trade.


Wizard has become such a powerful card since the last balance changes he does a lot of dps for a splash damge unit. His HP isn’t is strong point so on an all out push you should have other units down to try to keep this guy alive.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you want to try to play elixir collectors and defend lightly and make some good elixir trades. If your opponent has a solid counter for the pump like lightning or rocket then make sure you don’t play other cards like mega minion or wizard close to the pump. Sometimes you lose with this deck because of starting hands especially if your in a mirror matchup and your opponent has the pump in hand and you don’t.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is the time to cash in on an all out push. Don’t be afraid to lose one tower or even two if you know you can take a tower and keep pressuring to get the three crown victory. It’s important if you do this to keep playing troops to take out what your opponent plays on defence. Spells are good to play over your units to help protect them from whatever your opponent plays.

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